Apply for Judy's Awards

Since I began surfing the internet and creating my own website I have visited some wonderful,  inspiring and informative websites.  There is so much of one's self that goes into creating a website, so I wanted to make some awards and offer them to those websites that I felt were worthy of such awards. 

I am not a professional designer or anything along those lines, but I do appreciate the knowledge and beauty that individuals are making available through their creative websites.   So in giving and making these awards available, it is my way of saying thank you to all those who bring knowledge, love and sunshine into the lives of those who visit the many websites on the internet. 

In the following pages, you will see the many awards that you can apply for.   I have created various  categories to make it easier for you to select the award you would like to apply for, it will also cut down the loading time for each award category.

Once you have viewed all the awards I offer, and decided which one you would like, please sign my guest book  (I really love to see who has visited my website)  then send me an email with your URL  address, site name and the type of website you have.  Please also include in your email the award you are applying for along with the URL  of the page the award appears on.  Please do not ask me to choose an award for you, this decision must be your own.

I will respond to your email as quickly as possible, so please if you do not hear back from me immediately, do not worry.  I promise you I will visit your website and email you with my decision.

There are a few criteria requirements, these are outlined below.

1.    Sites that promote hatred, racism, violence, child exploitation, animal exploitation, pornography, illegal activities, or anything I find offensive, will not be considered under any circumstances. 

2.    I prefer your site to be at least developed beyond the construction stage, meaning, too many pages under construction will not be considered.  But please, don't let this stop you from applying for an award at a later stage when your site is more developed.
Please finish your site and I will be more than happy to review it.

3.    Your site must offer good content.    Every visitor should gain something of value from your site, giving them a reason to come back for another visit.

4.    A page of just  links is not acceptable. 

5.    Please do not ask me to choose an award for you, the decision of what award you would like must be made by yourself.

6.    You must provide a link back to my site. 



If you know of a website that you feel is worthy of an award, please email me with the nomination and the award you would like them to receive and I will visit their website, and if they qualify for one of my awards I will email it to them, with the name of the person who nominated them for the award.  

I do visit many websites and give awards to those that touch, inspire, make me smile and make me feel a better person for having visited the website.

Now that you understand the criteria required, please have a look at the awards that I offer, and please email me with your request.

Good luck, please enjoy your visit, and don't forget to leave your footprints in my guest book.