Today I prayed for angels,
To keep watch over you;
To guard and then protect you,
In everything you do.

When I whispered to the Father,
I asked for Him to bring;
A touch of love and goodness,
Sent forth on angel's wings.

I asked for them to whisper,
Peace and joy into your ear;
That songs of love and happiness,
Would be all that you would hear.

Then I asked the Father,
To shine upon your face;
An extra special blessing,
Of His mercy and His grace.

Tonight I asked the Father,
To grant one more request;
That angels stand watch over you,
And give you peaceful rest.

So if you feel a brush of wings,
Or a soft breeze fills the air;
Just know its angels watching you,
Because of whispered prayer.

Allison Chambers Coxsey, 1996

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