I see you in the morning,
When the sun glows through the haze;
As the beauty of a thousand lights,
Bring forth a newborn day.
In the fragrance of a tender flower,
Touched and kissed by morning dew;
When its petals spread to seek the sun,
It is there that I see you.

As I look on the horizon,
See an eagle take to flight;
In all its strength and beauty,
I see you in the sky.
I can hear you in the silence,
Of a summer's afternoon;
As soft warm breeze sweeps over me,
Your quietness fills my room.

I can smell you in the distant rain,
As it falls to kiss the ground;
The clean and earthy smell of you,
Its fragrance does surround.
Then as the sun falls softly,
And night breeze fills the air;
As stars come twinkling from the sky,
I see your beauty there.

Though splendor does surround me,
It never will replace;
The beauty that my heart does see,
When I behold your face.

1996 ~ Allison Chambers Coxsey

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