Think of the joy that Mary must have felt,
And of the thankfulness, as by her bed in prayer she knelt.
God had chosen her to be the mother of his son,
Of all the women in the world she was the very one.

Can't you picture the wonder and amazement as she saw her baby grow,
What did the future hold for him--'twas more than she could know.
I'm sure she carefully taught him as any mother would her child,
And that many cheerful, happy moments in her memory were filed.

I wonder how she felt when John baptized her son,
And he had in earnest his Heavenly Father's work begun.
She must have been elated when he cast out demons and raised the dead,
And when he fed five thousand with two fish and five loaves of bread.

Such wonderful things she must have seen and heard,
Many of which are written down in God's Holy Word.
But was she prepared for the pain and the heartache she would see?
When by those who should have loved him, he would rejected be.

She saw him slapped and spit upon and beat upon his back,
Why must her loving, gentle son suffer such an evil attack?
She saw the crown of thorns that they placed upon his head,
And she saw them place him on the cross and she knew they wanted him dead.

I'm sure she heard him moan and groan upon the cross that day,
And like any mother she would have taken his place if there had been a way.
She watched in horror and dismay as he suffered and he died,
And I'm sure that throughout the day she bowed her head and cried.

But three days later what jubilation and what joy,
Death couldn't hold God's son, her boy.
Her child was God's son and he'd conquered death and sin,
He'd returned from the dead; she felt such happiness within.

She praised and thanked God for blessing her so,
And the suffering was forgotten and peace and love did flow.
Like us she couldn't understand or comprehend it all,
But it didn't really matter when the face of her son she saw.

She'd had a part in bringing God's salvation plan,
And now forgiveness was provided for each and every man.
You and I can also have a part, there's something we can do,
We can accept Christ as our Savior and then tell others to.

Bob Hefner

Dedicated to all Mothers who love their children unconditionally

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