Art by Danny Hahlbohm

~~ Dear God, You're In Control ~~

Dear God, youíre in control,
Thatís one thing that I know.
Youíre Sovereign over everything...
Heaven above and Earth below.

I know you see me just now,
You know what I think and how I feel.
Iím so very thankful in this hour
That I know your love is real.

You know that yesterday I wrecked our car,
I turned left without looking ahead.
I didnít see the oncoming dump truck,
I was looking for a house number instead.

I know you protected my wife and me,
And I want to thank you dearly.
Your protecting arm kept us from serious harm,
Thatís one thing that I see clearly.

©  Bob Hefner ~ 5 May 2002

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Art by Danny Hahlbohm used with written permission