~~ Dear Friend ~~

Art by Alan Giana

You've been through another battle and you've won it by God's grace,
I know it was a painful experience, I can tell by the lines on your face.
I don't know why you must suffer so and I'm sorry, dear friend, that you do,
But I want you to know that I admire the way you accept the things you go through.

You are God's faithful warrior and you fight so valiantly,
And I know that God is using it all to make you what he wants you to be.
You and I can't see the future but we know it's in his hands,
And that he will give you grace and strength to meet all of life's demands.

Don't let yourself get discouraged and don't think that God's forgot,
He's right beside you each moment and he knows every battle you've fought.
He knows every pain that you suffer and sees each struggle too,
And when God wants to impress angels with humans, I'm sure he points often to you.

Don't think that your life has been wasted or that you're useless or no good,
Your life is being used by our Savior to encourage others as nothing else could.
We see your pain and we're sorry but we're also proud of you, dear friend,
We know you're trusting and following Jesus and that on him you daily depend.

Bob Hefner

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Midi used with permission from Margi Harrell 
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Art by Alan Giana is used with written permission