Donít be alarmed my child if disappointments come....
o have everything always perfect would surely be humdrum.
After everythingís gone wrong and the outlookís as black as night,
Youíll be happy and rejoice when they begin to turn out right.

So keep on going and donít let disappointments get you down.
Thereís much success awaiting and hidden joys to be found.
Rejoice in the good things and donít be overly alarmed at the bad,
When you look back someday Iím sure youíll be glad.

Donít give up the battle and donít give up the fight,
Use all your strength and confidence to preserve what is right.
You may think it is not worth it and that you should turn around,
But when itĎs all over youíll be glad you stood your ground.

Weíve not been promised a life that is easy and free of pain.
Donít look at your possible losses but at what you have to gain.
You may experience setbacks and defeats along the way
But keep on going forward until that final day.

Lifeís goals are not accomplished overnight or even in a year.
Itís a step by step process as valor conquers fear.
Keep faith in what is good knowing right will win someday.
Success comes by persistence more than any other way.

© Bob Hefner ~ 23 January 2002

Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
poetry without first seeking permission from the author.

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Title of painting is 'Praying For Peace'
Artist ~ Ron diCianni
Artwork is used courtesy of Christ Centered Art

Midi playing ~ American Trilogy