Art by Paula Vaughan

~~ GOD IS IN IT ~~

I used to think of cancer as a curse,
That as an event nothing could be worse.
But when God is in it I now can see,
It's really a privilege that cancer happened to me.

So many kind, loving people that I would never have met...
Encouraging words, cards and letters that I'll never forget.
I'm not saying that having cancer is something fun,
Or that I'd recommend it for each and every one.

Don't live your life with fear and dread,
Just know God's in charge and trust him instead.
Nothing that happens to you takes him by surprise...
What you see as a catastrophe may be a blessing in disguise.

Trust God with your eternal, everlasting soul,
And make pleasing him your every day goal.
Then place in his keeping your body and health,
He'll do much more for you than you can do for yourself.

Whatever happens he'll be by your side...
You'll never find him preoccupied.
He's alert and watchful and you're safe in his care.
You're never alone, he's always there.

So my friend don't you worry and don't pity me,
I'm not under bondage but instead I'm set free.
I'm not without trouble and I may go through pain,
But since God is in it, it's all for my gain.

Bob Hefner ~ 1 January 2000

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This candle burns for all those who are going through
the struggles of living with cancer.
I pray God's healing light and love to be with you.





Art by Paula Vaughan is used with written permission