~~ God's Grace Brought Me Through ~~

To My friends and loved ones there below,
God made the decision that I should go.
My trials and sufferings are no more,
I now am safe on Heavenís shore.

It is finished... my race is run,
It is finished my testingís done.
You should see the new body God has given me,
It works perfectly and Iím completely pain free.

I am so happy just being here...
No sin, no doubt, no sense of fear.
Iím looking forward to seeing each of you
When God says your work on Earth is through.

Cry for a while, itís ok to be sad,
Then remember where I am and let your hearts be glad.
It was great spending time with each one of you,
And because Christ died you can come here too.

My passing is a cause for celebration by every one of you
As you remember our good times and our tough times too.
Offer praise to our loving God for giving what is best,
And be happy that Iím now in the land of the blest.

It is finished, Godís grace brought me through.
It is finished Iím here waiting for you.
Dear friends and loved ones, so long for a while.
Jesus was with me throughout every mile.

Bob Hefner

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