Mum, when they said you had cancer we knew it was true,
But we wanted to deny it and not face losing you.
Although you said you were ready and wanted to go,
We still wanted to keep you with us here below.

You were homesick for Heaven where Dad was waiting for you,
Along with Nana and Grand Dad, Fred and Daisy too.
They said you'd be going in a matter of weeks.
Your attitude cheered us and still to us speaks.

We all felt so helpless as we saw you each day,
We loved you and dreaded to see you slip away.
Your faith was so strong that it strengthened us too,
And whatever made you more comfortable was what we wanted to do.

Your friends made down through the years all told you goodbye,
We saw their sad faces and we saw them cry.
I'm glad you were with me Mum where I could help with your care,
I count it a privilege to have been with you there.

Mum, we still miss you and we miss Dad too,
And we're looking forward to Heaven and being with you.
Your suffering is over and your joy is complete.
We'll treasure your memory until in Heaven we meet.

Bob Hefner ~ Revised 26th June 2003

In loving memory of Hazel Walling.
11th December 1928 ~ 29th May 2003

Loving Mother, Nanna and friend to many
You touched the heart and soul of all who knew you Hazel,
We love you and will miss you and your happy smile
'Til we meet again in heaven one day.

My heartfelt thanks go to Bob Hefner who granted permission for
his wonderful poem to be adapted as a memorial tribute
to Hazel ~ God bless you Bob, thank you.

Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
poetry without first seeking permission from the author.

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