Art by Robert Meyers

~~ As I Look Back ~~

I see your hand as I look back,
What seemed derailed was right on track.
You had it all worked I see,
What was the best you brought to me.

Dear God, I trust you, so I say...
I want to mean it every day.
Let me say your will, not mine be done,
The words spoken at Gethsemane by your son.

I understand it better than I did before,
I've learned a lot but I know there's more.
Thank you for what you're teaching me,
The more I'm yours the more I'm free.

In your control I want to be,
I know that is the best for me.
Not what I want or think I need,
Just daily hear your voice and heed.

Bob Hefner ~ 2 February 2000

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