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~~ Before You Go ~~

Dear child Iím proud to see you go,
Although your leaving hurts me so.
My motherís heart is full of pride,
Even though a million teardrops Iíve cried.

As you go forth answering your countryís call,
Your uniform makes you look so tall.
Iím not alone in the way I feel,
Thousands of mothers are facing the same ordeal.

Before you go please hold me tight.
Iíll pray for you both day and night.
Give me a smile as you walk away.
Stay safe and come back to me someday.

Bob Hefner ~ 5th March 2003


~ Christian Dads You're Special ~

In this world there are many pleasant things,
Some big and some small,
But having a loving Christian father
Is one of the greatest blessings of all.

It is really wonderful
To have a Christian Dad,
To know his love is steadfast
Whether you do good or bad.

And as the years go by
And you have children of your own,
Itís great to see them with your Dad
Whether youíre with them or theyíre alone.

You donít worry about his teachings
Or words that he might say,
You know your children are safe with him
Any time of day.

Every Dad is important,
Of that there is no doubt,
But if your dadís a Christian
You really want to shout.

What a full, rich heritage
A Christian father brings,
He makes his children and grandchildren
Feel like queens and kings.

The lessons that he teaches
As he reads his Bible and prays,
Are truths that stick with us
Through all our future days.

If your Dad is a Christian
You have reason to rejoice
As you relax and enjoy yourself
Just listening to his voice.

Christian Dads youíre special
And we all want you to know
Weíre looking forward to being in Heaven with you
When our timeís up here below.

© Bob Hefner ~ 7 February 2002


~ You're Precious In His Eyes ~

Trust God today He's still in charge,
Your life is safe with him.
To Him your path ahead is bright,
Although to you it's dim.

Just place your trust in Him each day,
Each second and each hour.
Though you are weak and have no strength,
He is a God of power.

He'll lead you and He'll strengthen you
And He'll stay by your side.
Let Him be your everything
And in His peace abide.

There's nothing in your life, my friend,
That takes God by surprise.
He's in control and He loves you--
You're precious in his eyes.

© Bob Hefner ~ 1998

~~ You're Not Worthless ~~

You say youíre a worthless, no good sinner.
Let me tell you about someone who will make you a winner.
You may be a sinner and you may be no good,
But my friend youíre not worthless and I want
that understood.

The one I want to tell you about gave His life for you,
And if you are worthless that was a silly thing to do.
But you see you are worth more than any treasure on Earth,
Thatís why Jesus gave His life so you could have a second birth.

You have a soul that will live forevermore,
And God wants you with Him on Heavenís peaceful shore.
You and I are both unworthy of Godís love and concern,
And if we got justice we would forever burn.

But God in His wisdom sees us as we can only be,
If we give our hearts to Jesus and live for Him you see.
We see ourselves through our human eyes,
With all our faults and blemishes, our untruthfulness and lies.

You and I canít see the future but we can place our trust in Him,
Our God who sees clearly what to us is so dim.
We know we are unworthy but letís remember weíre worth a lot,
And we have a splendid future that Jesus for us bought.

©  Bob Hefner ~ Revised 29 September 2001


~~ Your Life is A Book ~~

Your life is a book youíre writing each day,
The pages fill up as time slips away.
When you look back and see the things that you wrote,
Will there be any thing worthwhile for someone to quote?

Remember others see how you live your lifeó
How you meet temptation, how you deal with strife.
If someone behind you is following your steps,
Will they end up on a mountain or down in the depths?

Be an example always of whatís good and true,
And try to please Jesus in all that you do.
Let him be your Saviour, and friend and guideó
If you stay close to him youíll have nothing to hide.

He paid the price for you sins and mistakes,
And he made the oceans, the rivers and lakes.
He has the power to supply your every need,
And heíll always love you whether you fail or succeed.

Donít measure your life by things that you know,
Or by what you accomplish or where you may go.
Measure your life by eternityís scale,
If youíre pleasing to Jesus thereís no way you can fail.

Bob Hefner ~ 28 April 2000


~~ You'll Have Joy And Peace ~~

Do you want peace when thereís trouble and strife?
Do you long to feel calmness instead of torment in your life?

Does it seem that things couldnít be any worse?
Do you almost feel that youíre under a curse?

Are you full of fear and worry each day?
Then my friend be assured thereís a much better way.

Trust in Christ Jesus as your Savoir and Lord,
Let him be your armour, let him be your sword.

Heíll fight your battles, He'll win your wars,
And when itís the best thing Heíll settle your scores.

You may still have hard time and your struggles may not cease,
But instead of fear and worry, youíll have joy and peace.

© Bob Hefner ~ 11 June 2002


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