Art by Mary Baxter St Clair


Youth is a state of mindóBeing young doesnít depend on your age,
Itís not your years but your attitude that serves as a gauge.
Iíve seen people who were old though still in their teens--
They had to be serious and dignified and couldnít wear jeans.

And eighty year olds with outlooks so fresh and so rare,
No signs of aging or surrender were there.
They looked at life as a gift from God,
And lived each moment for Him as this earth they trod.

Their smile and their laughter filled the room with delight,
No bitterness or self-pity by day or by night.
They took what God gave them and returned unto Him,
Thanksgivings daily though their eyesight was dim.

Some people turning thirty think their life is through,
And that reaching forty is a terrible thing to do.
Donít regret what is past or worry about whatís ahead,
But thank God for his love and his mercy instead.

Make the most of your life by becoming His child,
By trusting Him daily in times tough or mild.
Itís not circumstances that make us happy or sad,
Itís the joy that He gives that makes our heart glad.

God will accept you whether youíre young or youíre old,
Through Jesus Heíll gladly welcome you into his fold.
Heíll give you an outlook that sees things anew,
Accepting Christ as your Saviour is the best thing to do.

Whatever your age thereís work to be done,
Start living for God and show others his Son.
Youíll be amazed every day that you live,
At the vim and vitality serving Christ can give.

Read his word so true, there are promises there,
Youíll get a new insight each day I declare.
Heíll give you such feelings that you canít express,
Heíll lead you and guide you and your heart He will bless.

© Bob Hefner ~ Revised 1 September 2001

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