Art by Alan Giana

Carry A Stone ~~

The Hebrew children crossed the Jordan one day,
To the long promised land they were on their way.
God stopped the river so on dry ground they could go,
Though the river was at flood stage not one drop did flow.

God gave Joshua a message that twelve men should be selected
To carry twelve stones from the river so a memorial could be erected.
Take the stones from the middle and carry them across
So future generations will remember that there was no loss.

God gave a promise and he kept it that day...
He does what he says, thatís always his way.
It was an ordinary man who carried each stone
To make the memorial so that Godís name would be known.

If God calls you to carry a stone,
Donít demand to know why and donít fuss and groan.
Carry it gladly ~ youíre doing Godís will,
You have a part in his plan to fulfill.

You donít have to know what God will do with that stone--
He may build a road or may make a throne.
Never be fearful when you donít understand,
Just trust and obey his every command.

Whatever talent or strength you may need,
God will supply as his voice you heed.
Rejoice and be happy that youíre one of his own
And be thankful that he chose you to carry a stone.

©  Bob Hefner ~ 18 December 2001

Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
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