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Thank You Dear God For Mothers ~ Bob Hefner

Thank you, dear God, for Mothers,
We lovingly remember each one.
You gave them to us and we're grateful,
And we're amazed at all that they've done.

They tenderly loved us as babies
And that tender love dwells with us still.
We have not forgotten their teachings-
And, Mothers, we never will.

Thank you Mothers for caring,
For being there to encourage and cheer.
It gave us each secure feelings
Just knowing that you were near.

You stayed by our side through our childhood.
You even were with us as teens.
You were always understanding and patient
In spite of our reactions and scenes.

We're glad God gave you to us
And we're happy that you are our friend.
Whether we speak as grownups or children,
We know that your love has no end.

We thank you, dear God, for Mothers-
They are exactly what each of us need.
May we always honor you and them
In our every thought, action and deed.

Bob Hefner

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