The other night, I had a dream
And, I remember it so well
I dreamed I saw an angel
Surrounded by a cloudy veil.

He smiled at me and called my name
And, I saw his out-stretched hand
"Come, follow me," I heard him say
"I'll show you to the promised land."

I stood at the gate to Heaven,
Where the milk and honey flows
I saw the river of the water of life
And the tree which, thereby, grows.

I saw the gate of shining pearl
And the streets of gold, therein
I saw the walls of precious jewels,
All in this land, where there's no sin.

How can I get them to open the gates,
So that I may dwell here too?
To spend eternity with the Lord,
Please tell me, what must I do?

The angel said, "Just remember this
Be kind to every stranger
Love the Lord and believe in His Son,
Born of a virgin, laid in a manger.

Keep His rules forever in your heart
And someday we'll meet again
I'll welcome you into the pearly gates,
To dwell for eternity within."

When I awoke, I felt very sad
For, in Heaven I wanted to stay,
But, I'll do just what the angel said
And I'll get there, some glad day.

by Claytia Doran

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