I was looking for a brand new home,
I wanted something bigger and better.
I'd have to find a Real Estate Agent,
And, he'd have to be a real 'go getter'.

I wanted something with clean closets,
Where no cobwebs could be found.
Something in the best neighborhood,
Where I'd always feel safe and sound.

I wanted it to have a window,
Where I could let the sunshine in.
I told the Real Estate Agent,
I'm ready for my search to begin.

I went to the office of God and Son,
And told them what I needed.
They checked their book for listings.
"Won't you please help me?" I pleaded.

They asked me several questions,
About the home I hoped to find.
I said I believed with all my heart,
They had a contract ready to be signed.

They handed me the keys to a house,
God said it was a favorite of His.
I now had what I was looking for.
After all, home is where the heart is.

2005 ~ Claytia Doran


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