I prayed to God, if it be His will,
He'd send a child to me;
An angel, in the form of a baby.
And, He said, "Wait and see."

Then, a year later, He blessed me
In the form of a little girl.
"Thank you, God," I said to Him,
"For this little angel with a curl."

I promised the Lord I'd raise her in church.
For, I knew she was on borrowed time.
He had only loaned her to me,
This little angel of mine.

"Now, take good care while you have her.
For, she's really mine, you know."
This is what the Lord had said
And, now, I watch her grow.

We go to church each Sunday
And we praise God, every day.
Her prayer is, "God bless everybody."
Mine is, all the thanks I can say.

"Thank you, God, for this little angel,
Who's living on borrowed time.
I'm doing my best to raise her for you,
This little angel of mine."

Claytia Doran

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