After the rain came the rainbow;
After the rainbow, the sun.
At the end, there lies a pot of gold.
Join me as I search for one.

I'll simply follow the colors
The red, yellow, and blue.
I'll slide on down that rainbow
And, then, I'll wait for you.

We'll look until we find it.
It can't be that far away.
It's lined with four-leaf clovers,
All ready for St. Patrick's day.

Look, do you see something shiny,
There, at the rainbow's end?
The pot of gold is my Savior;
My God, my Jehovah, my friend.

I went searching for my pot of gold.
But, what I found was so much more.
When searching for that pot of gold,
That's when I found the Lord.

2004 by Claytia Doran

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poetry without first seeking permission from the author.

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