There are some I have known
Who will never grow old;
But shall stay delightfully youthful,
With tenderness untold.

Life shall never hurt them
With heartache or with tears.
For, they are kept perpetually guarded
From living on for years ...

Eyes to shine in endless brightness,
Hair to keep that golden glow,
Velvet cheeks soft as the dew;
No wrinkles will they ever know.

Each day will be filled with laughter,
Where delight can never cease,
To know only sweetest kindness;
True love and joy, and peace.

The Son will continually shine, for them,
And bright stars will never fall;
Held for all time, in delightful wonder,
Where fireworks enthral.

Some of them gave all their life,
In giving of their all.
Others are gently carried away,
Just in answer to their call.

But, they are the very blessed,
To be kept forever pure.
For, how wondrous is the love
Where they always, now, endure.

Because they are so safe,
Yet preserved constantly in my heart,
May I let them fly and set them free
Into their perfection above.

Oh, Lord Jesus, as I weep,
Until I see their face,
Please hold me in Your love.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

If I could choose a mother
Who might love me for all time,
She would cuddle, very soft
And be a special friend of mine

Her beauty would be very deep
Inside her loving heart,
To cherish time spent with me
Then care when we're apart.

She would bless me with my life
By such a loving birth,
Then everyday would pray for me
Knowing how it works.

Then when I'd have a worry
That I would need to tell,
Listening quietly, then advising
She would always do so well.

For all that life would bring
Would become the things I do,
Her life an example of steadfast faith
That God will see us through.

Then when frailty of age might come
I could care for her,
To return some of the love she gave
I'd ask what she'd prefer.

So, if I could choose my mother
Who would be the perfect one for me,
Then I would choose you alone
No other could more lovely be.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

A little girl sat playing,
Happy, in her cozy world.
Then, wild horses came a-charging
And grabbed her in a whirl.

Her Mamma's crying for her.
Her Daddy's grieving sore;
Raging in anger, frozen in anguish,
"What might our child be taken for?

Why has she gone?"
Questions screaming in horror filled fear,
"Where is God in this, God in this ~
This nightmare we cannot bear?
Why not keep her safely here."

But, the all-powerful God carefully watches every evil plan
And sends His angels to the task,
To preserve purity forever in Him,
While we plead, "Why? Why?" cries of endless ask.

Jesus' response to our plea, in Matthew eighteen ten,
The children's angels stand, beholding the face of God,
Ready to be sent to His precious cherubs;
To guard them with His rod.

No precious child is ever taken from us
Without God's protective angels near.
The enemy can never touch them.
May His Words of truth soothe the constant fear.

He knows all the heart-break of losing, in pain,
His beloved son; to break the power of cruelty and death
For the good of all who fall.
He is there, holding us in our grief,
And will bless us if we call ...

Trusting Him. For, to be just like a little child
Is to be great, eternally.
His love explodes for little children.
For, their sweet faith displays what is to be.

If we hold our treasures lightly in our open hand
To be, not ours to keep alone,
But forever grateful for their beauty
As a short term loan.

Then, when He calls their loveliness to be with Him,
They are always His; to place just where He will.
The only way to ever find that elusive peace
Is to collapse into His all-knowing love.
Then, we shall be still.

God holds them safer than we can imagine
And gives them such insight,
To hear His gentle whispers
In the darkest of the night,

He takes away all painful memories,
As they see the secret things above;
Free, to frolic, from all fear;
Snuggled close forever ...

In His gentle arms of love. Oh, Lord,
Draw us apart, to show us Your heart;
Based on the comfort of how God honoured
The little slave girl, abducted in 2 Kings 5.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

I want to find my need in God.
I want His will enthroned,
To encapsulate my heart;
To rest in Him alone.

I want to have my fear all conquered,
To escape this nagging doubt
That life will bring too much to bear,
That things will not work out.

I cried, to God, "I want You, now!
Please, fill me with Your grace.
Please, take away my need of earth
So I only see Your face.

Give me faith to trust Your will,
To believe You know what's best.
Pour forth Your wisdom. in my soul,
To withstand another test.

Release me from the drag of flesh
And set my spirit free.
I want to know the joy of You.
Please, take away the me."

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

This is why I wait
Upon a distant shore.
I know that You will come for me.
Of this I can be sure.

No matter what may come my way,
All that life will bring to me
Is to prepare me for Your coming
That I so long to see.

My heart, then, rests secure
In Your abundant love.
I need not fear tomorrows.
For, you are waiting, just above.

When God says, "Now is the time,"
You will swiftly mount the day;
Riding on the winds of dawn,
To carry me away.

So, I will have my heart all ready,
Packed with all that's light.
Nothing, on earth, will hold me back
From heaven's eternal flight.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

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