Somewhere, over the horizon,
A morning dawns it's brightest day;
A time when all is born anew,
The beginning of another day ...

Where love unfurls it's golden glow
And life is filled with beauty,
Where kindness crowns the sunrise
and removes an endless duty.

Somewhere, at the closing of today,
A lovely evening will come.
All pain and tears will disappear
At the setting of our sun.

Warmth will stay, never go away,
No night of aching grief.
No snow will chill, to bring forth fear,
And sleep will be a true relief.

Somewhere, beyond confines of time,
A day will rise forever bright;
A day that has no dawn or dusk.
God's presence, there, will be the light.

By eyes of faith, we see aurora,
Where spirits live; no clumsy flesh.
We'll never find this gleam on earth.
For, this world is just our test.

Someday, somewhere, God will create
The lovely freshness of another day
With all the colors of the rainbow
And it's just a breath away!

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

Jesus knew that we'd have trouble,
With grief churning in our mind.
But, He has given us His faith,
So heavenly thoughts we'll find.

We take captive every thought
To make it obedient unto Him.
We demolish all that rises up
Against God. For, it is sin.

We put on the new self,
Created in true righteousness.
We grasp the depth of His grace for us
As reality in consciousness.

We get rid of all our bitterness,
Anger, and all malice
To be kind, compassionate, and forgiving;
Fit, then, for His palace.

We rely on the love of God.
For, this, alone, drives out fear.
His perfect love is complete in us.
No punishment is near.

We (rejoice in the Lord, always),
With gratitude, lay all beneath His feet.
Choosing to think lovely and pure
Will make our peace complete.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

Since we have already died,
Then death need hold no stress.
For, our lives are not to hold ~
But for others to be blessed.

All of me is His to use,
Whatever way for Him to choose.
For, all my plans and aspirations
Are not of worth to lose.

We actually live our life to die,
So Jesus life is shown.
Who wants to see this old life
When Jesus can be known?

Oh, such love as He can give,
Such joy radiate to all ...
If I give my life into His hands
And answer to His call.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

Oh, how the trials hurt my heart.
With nowhere to escape,
I am forced to run to God
And on His wisdom wait.

Patiently, God will try my faith
That I may test His faithfulness.
When trapped within the walls of pain,
He shows me all His gentleness.

While the fear drives me to my Bible
For comfort and relief,
To gain a message for the moment,
When craving for some peace.

"Oh, God," I cry, "please, answer,"
As I fall upon my knees.
"Make some sense to me, right now.
Your faith I want to seize."

So often though, the deepest anguish
Just doesn't go away.
So, God teaches me to keep on trusting,
For all on Him to lay.

"Lord, show me what You're doing.
I don't want a bitter heart.
Give me a dose of joy to share,
So I don't fall apart.

I believe You're in control of life,
All is in Your will.
Please keep my hope alive,
To trust You love me still.

For, You beat all grief at Calvary.
The fighting has been done.
Help me, now, to rest upon Your love,
So my fear is overcome."

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

How long the cries, of heartache,
Echo in the darkest night?
Is there sweet relief for little ones
With no end of grief in sight ...

Hurting, lost, without a friend?
Where do they weep, today?
Confused by life's rejection,
What would they like to say?

Tender hearts bear painful scars.
But, the Lord preserves the tears;
Recording every whimper
Pouring from their fears.

Here, they see through darkest windows,
With much anguish that is born.
But, this ocean, full of weeping,
Will never spill on heaven's door.

Lintels, here, are stained with teardrops
From hurt that breaks apart.
But, they will not trickle down
On heaven's golden path.

For, Jesus, soon, will come, again;
In the twinkling of an eye.
The trumpet will resound, with love,
And they will lift up to the sky ...

Carried through the pearly gates.
Cherubs, answering the call,
Are swept homeward (safe, at last);
Where dark shadows never fall.

No more to question loss of loved ones
Laying in the grave, so cold.
For, death's grief will hold no victory
In the land where none grow old.

Soon, they will burst with gladdest joy
And dance in life sublime,
To mourn no longer clouds of night,
But, bask in sunshine, for all time.

Then, teardrops will be unknown strangers;
Never welcomed there, at all.
For, cradled in the Father's love,
A broken heart will cry no more.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

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