When God chose, of His beloved Son,
To be lifted there on high,
What was the gift He gave
As He suffered there to die?

Did He open up the door
To let the light within my soul?
Did He take away the darkness
So I could be made whole?

Did He replace all of my emptiness
And fill me with His love?
Did He bless my heart with His peace
By coming from above?

Does my life now have a purpose
To wake upon each day?
Shall I rest on every promise
As He shows me of His way?

Will He bubble up within me
Like a living flowing spring,
To bring me joy and laughter
And every good between?

Is the power in the blood of Jesus
Moving me on to be,
Not what I was just yesterday,
His death to set me free?

Oh, lift me, precious Jesus,
Into Your sufficiency.
For, You gave Your life to fill me
With Yourself, eternally.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

Oh, Father, as I see Your Passion,
What response resounds, within my heart,
Of the purpose of the Lord
To journey down that lonely path.

We will not see a powerless victim,
Condemned to death by man.
For, from the beginning, the Son of God
Was chosen to fulfill the beloved plan.

They couldn't cast Him from the craggy edge
Or stone His soul to death.
Nor would they choose the hour;
As all occurred, exactly as He said.

From the time He summoned the betrayer
To, "Go, do as you will,"
That was the very day He chose to die;
His life impossible for man to still.

As Judas led them to the garden,
Where Jesus prayed in darkest night,
He arose to proclaim, "I am He,"
And the crowd fell back; stunned at the awesome sight.

Then, He walked to His divine appointment
The perfect life in history's page,
Now, to be lifted up to die
On Golgotha's cruel stage.

Oh, how easily He could have renounced
Or collapsed, in languid fear,
As Pilate, controlled by God alone, had Him flogged.
Why did Jesus not call for angels to appear?

But, His love was stronger than all else;
His heart resolved with eternal care.
Although His body weakly staggered,
Our sin He chose to bear.

While our Savior hung between earth and heaven,
God turned His face away.
As the darkness plunged Him into sin,
His blood became the price to pay.

Then, with the weight of all our pain,
The fear, the bitter hurt of men,
Jesus cried, "Father forgive them,"
As He bowed in victory; His heart content.

Dying, exactly, on the strike of three
When offerings were made by temple priests,
The veil was rent in two.
Now, man, with God, can be at peace.

"It is finished," was His cry
Never more will the grave demand decay.
Perfect love became the sacrifice
As He rose, again,
For us to know eternal day.

Oh, Lord Jesus, to You I give my life away.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

Now, who would think it a better plan
For a little bird to be
Trapped in a lonely cage,
Confined to a cold existence,
With naught of worth to see ...

Shut inside from the sun's rich glow,
Where she had known the light,
No more to fly in a continuous sky
With countless friends in flight ...

Kept from the softest clouds of heaven,
Never to soar in their lofty height,
Unable to control the fight of the day
Or revel in the joys of pure delight?

For, someone chose to put her there,
The cage door tightly barred,
She crouched down deep within;
Her life forever marred.

She turns around, so desperately, then,
With little to own but a dream;
No more distracted by physical power
Or threat of enemy scream.

She hankers long for things she's known.
But, wishing is all in the past.
For, now, she can only see with her heart,
With nothing else to grasp.

Her sight becomes set on distant wonder,
As she stares beyond the bars,
Way yonder; where the peaceful breezes reach
And rustle high among the stars.

The warmth of the son begins to shine,
As heaven becomes her own.
For, she finds sweeter beauty, now,
Than in other heights she's known.

Because of that cage of deepest despair,
Because of that drooping of wing,
Her heart overflows in freedom within
And her throat is compelled to sing.

Now, her soul will chorus the more, not less.
For, within the heart is a desire to sing
That nothing can suppress.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

Some little girls are called
To love mothers who are ill.
They tiptoe in, to share their love,
And whisper to be still.

With a gentleness and
Wisdom far beyond their years,
They come, as ministering angels
To kiss away our tears.

Tenderly, we hear their loving hearts
With every smile, so sweet,
And, as we feel that love,
We hear God gently speak.

"I am here to walk with you
Through the darkest storm.
Though, at times, you feel all alone;
With your strength long gone.

I am here to carry you
Through the stormy night.
You may feel so weak, unable to go on.
But, I am here, arms holding you.

Your effort cannot keep you strong.
I am coming, in your deepest pain,
To whisper, "Trust Me. Now, you can.
For, I am here and I know
Your heart is crying in the rain.

One day soon, you will not fear.
In your darkness, I will restore.
I am here to replace all that is not.
Light will come to you once more.

For, I am the One
Who can see you through.
In lonely nights, longing to see
The sun, I will come to carry you.

Do not fear for your family.
I am able to fill in every gap.
I can meet their daily need.
It is not for you to fret.

I understand how you wish
You could give them more.
But, I am making sure they will know
My everlasting love the more.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

I have known the blast of cold,
That long winter of discontent.
Deep has blown the icy wind
The dark of night has sent.

But, from underneath the frost
Grew forth a tiny seed,
Reaching for the suns warm rays;
Crying out with need ...

"Give me sunshine or I die.
Please melt my freezing heart.
Restore the hope of spring, again,
To break the chill apart.

Pour your love into my soul,
To make my life grow strong.
My Lord, You were raised to bring the spring.
Lift me up; where You belong.

I will bloom where you are planted,
Your purity to know,
As You unfurl Your love;
A rose to rise within the snow.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

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