Lord, I wish for roses,
Perfuming my day.
For, walking on a petal strewn path
Would be such a happy way.

But, I find I don't have all I wish;
At least not, yet, awhile.
For, would You be desiring something better,
Found through a deeper trial?

Do you keep me from knowing all,
For, too much I'm unable to contain?
Are You showing me there's greater joy,
In learning faith through pain?

Are You letting me know a darkness,
So I will seek Your light;
To search until I find You, as the door,
To escape the gloom of night?

Will You allow me these limitations,
So I can learn the more,
Just as a jewel will shine
When tumbled to remove a flaw?

In new challenges that descend,
Shall I find You of a truth?
Will I learn, then, how to trust Your love,
Rather than all I can and cannot do?

Would You let me struggle,
To find the answers You can give?
And, if I ask, will You bestow the wisdom
That I will need to live?

For, if things don't come my way,
Will I learn a grateful heart;
To enter into a real joy,
For contentment that will last?

Is this key of gratitude,
What turns the bad things into good,
So that troubles become a blessing;
To grow just as I should?

For, life is such a journey
Where I may feel betrayed.
But, what understanding will I learn for others,
That are crying in the shade?

If it wasn't for the times
I learn my God is near,
I wouldn't know where to find the strength;
With faith to persevere.

For, everything I cannot know
Gives me so much to learn
And all the things I don't have, yet,
Become an expectant hope to yearn.

So, take me on Your path, dear Lord,
With Your roses, all the way.
Shower me with the loving gifts
That You have planned, today.

Give me, from Your heart of love,
All that You say to give away.
Shall I, then, thank You
For the heartaches, Lord?
For, they are really Your bouquet.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

The longest nights of weeping
For the hurt that's in my heart,
Are when I cry alone, in pain,
Trapped forever in the dark ...

No relief of deepest sorrow.
Oh, God, please set me free.
I feel so overwhelmed.
What future is for me?

I am bitter.
I am wounded.
I am angry and attacked.
I am weak. For, life is cruel.
Can't You turn the clock right back ...

Back, when life was happy,
When the sun shone down on me,
Before this fierce storm
Hit me violently?

O, Father, why permit
Such angry whips to lash?
Where were You when they struck,
As my heart was deeply gashed?

You could have stopped it, Lord.
Why allow such awful hurt?
My life would be so good, now,
If I wasn't scarred and burnt.

Now, I've screamed all this, to You.
It hasn't changed a thing.
So, for me to live a life, again,
Some change I wish You'd bring.

For, no matter how hard I try
To figure out solutions,
I'm at the end of my resources.
Nothing alters my conclusions.

Oh, Lord, I come to plead for mercy.
Please empty out my heart;
Cleanse and heal, remake it whole.
Give me a brand new start.

I still my crying and my fear.
I admit my way's a flop.
I trust You for deliverance.
Please, undo my tangled knot.

Though, I can't forgive myself.
I believe You have the power.
I give my bitter soul to You.
I will no longer cower.

My crushed heart I give away,
To do with as You will.
I am an empty vessel, Lord,
Only You can fill.

Please, pour Your healing balm,
deep down, into my soul.
Though feeling all discarded,
You, alone, can make me whole.

Lonely, hurting, grieving, damaged;
God stills the falling rain.
Rejected, tempted, attacked or ill;
He heals my heart of pain.

Lord, cause me to smile, again.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

The storms of life, that buffet sore,
We never want to blow our way.
But, the Master leans way down, to us,
With His gentle voice to say ...

"Look up here, my dearest child.
Here are my hands outstretched to you.
Though you're awash by troubled sea,
Believe that I can see you through.

Your strength may feel long gone,
With no breeze to stretch your sail.
But, my breath will turn the wheel.
For, my love will never fail.

As I am the Maker of the rain,
The Master of the mighty wind,
I will control the storm of life
Until the sun can shine again.

Though you may feel so unworthy
To speak My holy name,
Never dreaming you'd be called to suffer,
Yet, My love remains the same.

You cannot float adrift unanchored,
Lost in a stormy night.
For, My strong hand holds fast the tiller,
To guide you with My light.

I will glide you beyond the crashing waves,
To soar on wings, above.
As The Master of the winds of time,
I will lift you to My home of love.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

It was just a little note,
A simple minute note, sent with lots of love;
Posted on the spur of the moment,
With a prayer to God above ...

To a friend not seen for many years,
Never dreaming a fleeting thought
Could arrive right at a tragic time;
A heart needful of the words, she wrote.

For, life had become meaningless,
Full of darkness and despair;
With no hope to heave another breath.
The heavy weight just too much to bear.

But, that hasty note arrived in time
And touched her heart with care.
A little love, somebody thinking of me,
A life for me to share.

She read that skimpy note over and over;
Pouring over it, clutching it to her heart.
With tears soaking into her pillow,
It was just enough.

Unsuspected, just a little thought,
A tiny shaft of light
Some hope to live for ...
To make it through the night.

Then, a sweet phone call, on the dawn,
And old friends were together, once more.
God brought about a miracle
To mend that heart, so torn.

The thought could have been quenched,
A life lost in deepest sorrow.
'I'm thinking of you' is all
The heavenly love shared,
For the gift of another tomorrow.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

If tomorrow dawns and I am gone
Then, ever so softly, lift your eyes on high.
For, I won't be laying there, within the grave,
But flying free beyond the sky.

For, you can't stay within and weep for me.
But, rise gently up on your feet
To go search for someone all alone.
For them it is to weep.

With all the comfort you will know,
That you miraculously find within your grief,
Then give. For, pouring of that love
Will be your sure relief ...

As the sun shines bright around you.
Go, now, and give that love away
From all the joy we knew together,
Stored up from all we prayed.

Though you may forget details of the treasured moments,
They made up your loving heart
All the nourishment, daily, in God's goodness
For the time when we would part.

And, when every day is done,
As you stop to gaze up at the stars,
Pray for everyone we loved together
While I delight in our Lord Jesus, from afar.

For, every moment I am gone,
Unable to hold you close once more,
Reach out to touch another
With all we lived ~ that was worth the living for.

Don't cry too long that I am gone.
Just smile for me and carry on.
Go, bravely, with the love we shared,
And sing, with every step, our song.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

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