My friend took hold of my hand
And said, "Come, walk with me.
We'll travel down this winding path
That only we can see.

None knows where it will lead.
We're in God's loving care.
He blesses with a friendship;
Eternal love to share.

We pause to rest a while
Upon a cozy bench,
With so much to catch up on
That words can never quench.

Our talk dances in the air,
Like gossamer sweet kiss,
Velvet in such richness;
Moments of shared bliss.

Golden tea, in clear glass mugs,
Steams sweet aroma in the air.
Teddy fluff, all sorts of stuff;
Crafty bits to share.

My good friend is like a book
With tender preparation;
Many chapters there to look,
But without the final separation.

The tune of friendship
Plays a never ending song:
Sad notes and happy ones,
For two to play along.

With my friend, I share a secret,
An opinion, grief, or laugh.
A silence never matters,
While we enjoy the path.

There's much we need to do.
So, we always have to part;
Separated by time and place.
But, eternal love will keep us close in heart.

I thank God for you,
My Faithful Friend!

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

Dear Lord Jesus, give me a closer glimpse
Into Your heart divine ~
As, You set Your heart with passion,
To Golgotha, for this heart of mine.

Release my sight to look beyond
The things of earth I crave ~
So I can understand the reality
That made Your heart so brave.

What was the wonder that You saw
To stagger under my sins heavy load,
For the love of all mankind,
With such amazing grace to show ...

That I may be free from the grip of sin
And not bear it's end alone?
For, now, I see, You came to have my life.
But, why want it as Your own?

Why bear all of this deep darkness
And step fearlessly toward the pain?
You never turned your heart away
But hung there, dying in the rain.

That rain came down with thunder.
It came hailing down with sting.
It railed, sharply, at Your very life.
It filled your soul within.

What was it, Lord, that You could see
Of wondrous joy that lay ahead,
To cry "Father, please forgive them,"
As, with love, You bowed Your head?

I can but thank you, dear Lord Jesus,
That You bore all of my blame.
I ponder whether, deep down inside,
Were You, somehow (in the pain), almost singing
So very softly in the rain?

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

Life is a splendid thing, for sure,
Or, could be, quite a lot.
For, being showered with loving friends
Is the nicest thing we've got.

God's been watering all our hearts.
Of this we do not doubt.
In planting only lovely things,
We get the good things out.

If we've got some love to share
With a friend, all tried and true,
We sure feel, oh, so cozy
Sharing special things we do.

Sometimes, these days, it pours with rain.
So, we hit some right raw mud.
But, we can patch it up with loving
And chuckle at the fun.

Our God was nice to make blue skies
Come out, with nice sunny hours.
In rolling out the cutest kids,
He planted all the flowers.

This place is not all bad,
From all the praying on our knees,
'Cause it has a kinder face ~
With all the nicest you and me's.

God gives us all a bite to eat
And, with enough to spend ~
Then, is generous too to share
A little more to lend.

These days, there's way too much
Of shoving just to get.
We need to leave a lot more space
For loving others, yet.

But, I do thank our caring Father,
The brightest morning star,
That He is keeping watch on all
To keep us safe just as we are.

I send you lots of happy thoughts
With prayers, God bless your health,
To laugh away tomorrow's blues
And haggle, then, your little self.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

Papa peered out the misty window,
Gazing in the evening light.
It was time for the pleasant evening chat,
To savour all the days delight,
As usual, just before the rest of night.

But, now, the lamp was burning ever low
And flickered on the sill.
He should be coming soon.
The hearth is always glowing, warm.
To be together is the Father's will.

Something must have happened.
He's usually here, with me.
So, Papa rose to check for shadows
Falling on the path. But,
Wherever could he be?

Now, Papa knew the time had come
To wander out and call.
His child was lost, for sure,
Rambling in the dark of night;
Maybe even had a fall.

With heavy heart He left His place,
Calling out his name,
"My dear son, where are you?
My child, I love you.
Are you crying out in pain?"

Then, soft and feeble came the answer,
Frightened in it's plea,
"I heard You in the garden.
But, in shame, I turned away.
For, You won't be pleased with me".

The Father's heart was breaking.
His beloved child had lost the trust.
Broken, now, their cord of love
And every precious evening dialogue
Lay shattered in the dust.

For, the child had heard a louder voice
(Thinking it was soft, enticing, smooth)
Echoing with the sound of love;
Maybe brighter, richer, fuller,
With all delight to soothe.

But, now, that taste was bitter.
For, the voice brought only chains.
Regret raged within the darkness
And, as the agony of sorrow fell,
He staggered in the pain.

But, deeper yet, the Father's love;
No debt of sin could thwart His plan.
For, He could heal this cruel grief
And release the grip of death
In the heart of every man.

He would have His Son die
With all the guilt placed upon His soul.
His death could break the power of sin,
To give life, so any child can be whole.

And, now, it is done. Papa sighs, contentedly,
While He watches, at the hearth,
All His children, returning home
In pure delight, come skipping up the path.

Little ones sit, happily, upon His knee
Or rest at His feet, with loving gaze,
And all are singing songs of joy
(Grateful for the Father's love)
With never ending praise.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

I gaze, sadly, at the rose petals.
For, they will, soon, be gone;
Leaving only stark and ragged stems
As loveliness they shed.

What use have I of thorns
I will quickly thrust aside?
With nothing more of softness to fondle,
No beauty will I find.

I forget that thorns have value,
Protection from attack.
For, with only thoughts of deepest grief,
I want to turn my back.

I do not want the sad things,
For they speak of fading wood,
And I become so melancholy;
Cease feeling as I should.

I prefer to find a beautiful rose,
As that will always please.
A rose will bring me sweet perfume,
All delight; appease.

Take away the thorns, in life,
For they bring the deepest pain;
Afflicting my heart with sorrow
Of such bitter rain.

Let me but dance with joy,
Along a rose strewn path,
With only happiness around me;
So I will always laugh.

But, then, I saw my Saviour
Crowned with cruel thorn.
I had to look, again, at Him;
Bleeding, cruelly torn.

His loving eyes were sad,
Tears running down His cheek
Right into His heart.
The thorns were piercing deep.

Jesus wore that crown of thorns
So I may know His love.
How can I but thank God for their curse;
For my life to bloom, above?

Give me understanding, Lord,
To grasp roses by the thorn.
For, they drive me close to you;
Where my heart can be re-born.

It is only through the raining tears
I see true wonder of new life.
Your promise, in the pain,
That it is only thorns
That cause a rose to grow.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

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