God has His wheels of life,
Wheels within a wheel;
Intersecting circles,
Twirling spheres ~
Times of life to seal.

An endless array of agencies
Carry out His plan,
Angel wings
Gently bring mysteries
From God's own Hand.

To unfold the wonder of redeeming love
We trace the steps of time;
Things so undeserved,
Suffering to learn
That God is truly kind.

We wonder why the innocent hurt
And why wickedness seems to grind unchecked.
What is the reason
For this sinful season?
Is God's Hand outstretched?

But, His wheels will keep on turning.
For, His powerful trail is blazing all across the land.
His way is very certain,
'Til He draws the curtain
On pursuits of man.

The fires of war may thunder
Everywhere we see,
As evil would be slain
With the courage of the day;
By men longing to be free.

Need we fear such villainy,
Corruption of this earth?
With hate the goal,
Is there control
In man's search for worth?

But, God sits upon His throne.
All is held within His Hand.
He turns the wheels
Just as He feels.
Thus, we can trust His plan.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

When God made my living soul,
He put in me a craving thirst;
What would satisfy my heart,
How to put Him first.

I learned my mother prayed a lot,
No matter where we were.
In any trouble, on the farm,
Her faith was real to her.

I didn't want a shallow life
Of only earthy things;
Sport and fashion, boys and toys ~
Whatever this life brings ...

But to grow my faith in God
In action, writing, song.
I wanted to tell everyone
That, to Him, my heart belonged.

But as I left behind my childhood,
Was my faith inside for real?
Did I know the God inside my heart,
How secure did I feel?

But, God began to show Himself
In the rolling of the car.
I knew, then, He held my wheel;
That He is my Morning star.

I longed for Him to walk with me,
To softly call my name,
To feel Him stirring in my heart;
My cry was not a game.

The years moved on. I wanted more,
As hardship came along.
My children needed mothering,
With faith that's real and strong.

I cried out, "God, please come to me.
I need all of You within,
To survive the trials of life
And cope with this world's sin."

Thus, God's tapestry wove on
With sorrow, loss, and hurt.
My life sunk into ashes.
My soul was raw and burnt.

I couldn't bear that He went quiet.
I begged for Him to speak,
"Reveal Yourself and show me truth.
Your fullness, Lord, I seek."

And so, His Hand came down,
To pick up my broken heart.
His Word soaked up my weeping
And showed me of His path.

He loved me in my weakness.
My human sin is why He died.
He hung upon the cross for me,
With His loving arms held wide.

His soul was stripped and bare.
I could see what took Him there.
He had no other plan,
Than to deliver me from care.

Now, He dwelt within me
Like He'd been there all the time'
Not a stranger, but a Father,
Wanting only to be mine.

So, I continued in His service;
So much with Him to do.
But, He had another plan;
More to take me through.

Thus, He took away my stamina;
My strength to work for Him.
"Lord, What use can I be now,
Without a healthy limb."

I couldn't bear Him discarding me.
So, I begged for Him to heal.
"Please, let me be of use to You,
With faith that is more real."

But then, He took away my mind.
That, I had treasured, too ...
My voice, hearing, sight, affected;
Fright, forgetting all I knew.

I wanted to depart this world.
For, I was a worthless life.
Now, just a burden to my family;
Not a mother or a useful wife.

But, from that grave, God spoke to me;
My empty cup to fill.
I saw Him with my heart
And began to understand His will.

His Word rings strong and true,
As He softly holds me near.
He is the answer to my questions.
He is the One who stills my fear.

The path I walk on, now,
Will never be the same.
For, He's touched me with His presence
And I'm glad He made me lame.

As I hear Him speak my name,
I see who walks with me.
God's creation shines with wonder.
I am kept, eternally.

May you know enough of joy
To make you ever sweet,
Enough trials for God to make you strong,
And enough sorrow to make your life complete.

May hope lift high your heart.
For, the contented don't have the boast.
They just make the most
Of every simple bit of toast.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

Two roads to choose,
but which is the way to go?
What will help to show the path
that is the best to know?

Why turn only along a pretty way,
when other adventure we can find?
If God made our world with such opposing force,
where is the dividing line?

Does it matter where I journey,
with my inquisitive feet?
Will I have wisdom to decide
whatever stimuli I meet?

What is the storm,
the dark, the evil for?
Such are the questions of life,
behind every door.

The brightness of each day
is that why we know of darkest night.
Do we experience all the contrast,
to know that there is light?

If we never felt the cold,
why would a coat be worn?
Should we feel the bitter wind,
for the joy of being warm?

If we never felt the pangs
of hunger, deep within our soul,
Could we find the satisfaction
a delicious meal can hold?

If we didn't endure pain
and twisted grief within,
Would we desire freedom
from the curse of gripping sin?

Is this the reason for the sharp or blunt,
soiled or clean, the nice or mean ~
To make choices, every day,
from all that we have seen?

Imagine how that facing death
presses upon us the desire to live
And, if we all had everything,
would there be of joy to give?

If we were never lonely,
why search then for a friend?
Where would be the pleasure,
if the broken couldn't mend?

If life on earth were all the same,
could we learn to choose,
Or, as puppets on a string,
would our thoughts be used?

This life we live can show us
that contrasts make us seek
After things that last forever;
where life will be complete.

Now, we can find the reason
why the darkness we will shun.
Jesus broke it's curse, for us,
in the victory that He won.

God has wisely planned the struggle,
so we decide the more;
If heaven, with eternal beauty,
is all we're yearning for.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

A young man, full of dreams,
Walks brave upon this earth.
He has so much to offer;
Full of eternal worth.

Great is his creative talent
To teach, design and draw.
His heart a baton, to open music
Behind many shuttered doors.

Young lives became his canvas,
To paint God's love upon;
Choosing colors carefully,
So God's light alone was shone.

Then, weakness struck his life.
He cried, "God, please, let me continue;
Fulfill the dreams, complete the work
You've given me to do.

What purpose have You for me,
If I cannot complete the task?
Just let me be Your servant.
Is it so much to ask?

What use am I to You or man,
If You slay me down like this?
How can I help build up Your kingdom,
With my life a shattered mess?

What about my family, Lord;
The one's You've given me to lead?
Can I show them Your great love
And provide them all they need?

But, thank you Lord. I will submit,
If You will just show me what's ahead;
All the glory that will go to You,
For this suffering, as You said.

I believe all things work out for our good.
The privilege to suffer for Your sake.
So, I humbly bow the knee.
It is Your choice to make.

For, You will soon restore me, Lord,
After this refining in the fire.
Then, I will speak only of Your grace
Of being lifted from the mire."

The days, they pass, turn into years.
No miracle comes; no great release.
People forget, alone in the tears;
With no celebration feast.

Everything inside crumbles and dies,
The desires and all the dreams.
It's not happening as was hoped.
Life collapses at the seams.

"GOD, there's only You. Show me where.
Show me how. Please, show me who.
Release me from this cruel bondage.
My heart, my spirit, cleanse anew.

Do I need my human vitality
To complete Your plan for me?
If I just walk in You ...
Is that the fullness;
The beginning of my eternity?

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

I saw such beauty, heavenward,
While worshipping my Lord in prayer.
I looked beyond the sky to see
All my Lord has said is there.

"Come, I will show you the bride,"
The angel said to John,
"The beautiful wife of the lamb,
For you to gaze upon ...

A mansion, in the heavens,
Fashioned wondrously;
God's been at work, designing her
To fit Him perfectly."

How I imagine the glowing beauty,
All the brilliant shine,
Of the dazzling jasper walls;
Where the bride will richly dine ...

The gates formed of overlapping pearl,
The streets transparent gold,
Foundations of magnificent layers;
Twelve jewels will unfold ...

The first layer burning of Jasper red,
Sapphire gleaming the richest blue,
Chalcedony quartz shedding varied tone,
Emerald emanating a deep green hue ...

Sardonyx, alternating orange, yellow, white,
Red carnelian, and olive green chrysolite ...
Beryl, diffusing a soft pale green
With blue and yellow bright,
Then the translucent blue topaz;
What a wondrous sight ...

Chrysoprase glimmering with golden green,
Jacinth radiating an autumn glow,
Purple amethyst, royal in brilliance;
Beautiful wonders of God to show.

I see the Holy One seated on the rainbow throne,
Saying, "I'm making all things new.
It is done........
I am the beginning and the end.
My Word is trustworthy, forever true.
To him who is thirsty, come to drink of Me.
To him who overcomes, I will be a Father, eternally."

Those found in the Lamb's book of life
Are the pure, the washed, the blessed.
They will drink of the water of life,
Will eat of the tree of life;
Live forever in this promised rest
And know all of God's perfect best.

I found no temple worship there.
The Lord's beauty was all to see.
His glory the only light;
"HE" illuminating all eternity.

I looked for tears.
But, there was none.
I looked for death.
But, it was stolen by the Son.

I looked for pain,
For it's mournful wretched sigh.
But, I found only joy; perfect delight.
For, no-one will ever die.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

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