Morning Glory

Oh, the wonder of the morning,
The breaking of the day,
When the sun comes in to greet me
With it warmest ray ...

Bringing all of heaven
Close within my heart,
To lift my soul with wings
To soar upon the height.

I am not tied to matter.
Nor am I tied to time.
For, heaven's everlasting light
Shines glory in my soul.

Sure, you may see me
A body growing old.
But, hidden beneath that shadow
Is my heart forever whole ...

Kept by the might of my Father's hand.
For, my enduring delight
Is the wondrous dawning
Of my eternal light.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission


Perfect in Detail

I want to write such as to comfort,
Tender touch your cheek,
To find the deepest love
Your heart could want to seek.

Human arms may feel your skin,
Even touch your work-worn hand.
But, in the dark of night,
He will sleep the sleep of man.

He may fix the broken gutter,
Mend a leaky hose.
But, when your heart is aching,
Jesus is the only One who knows.

He is the One who's always near.
You can have Him, everywhere,
To hear your every whisper;
All your silent prayer.

He knows just what you need
To fulfill your loving soul.
No man can lift you to the heights.
That is not his role.

Because man is less than God,
They cannot fill the gap.
To imagine someone can thrill us
Is earth's dreamy trap.

For men, being weak like us,
Are full of deepest need;
Hungry for more to fulfill their soul.
They, too, need to glean.

But, hoping in your loving God
Will never disappoint.
For, your Maker is your husband.
He's all you'll ever want.

His unfailing love for you
Will never fade away.
You have no need to fear.
God's love is here to stay.

Right now, He is delighting
To carry us away.
He sweeps us off our feet
In eternal joy, today.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission

To See God

Blessed are the poor,
Who know their desperate need.
God rewards them with a kingdom,
Because eternity they heed.

Blessed are the mourners,
Who repent of all known sin.
Blessed are the meek,
Who know they're weak within.

Blessed are those who hunger
And thirst after righteousness.
God fills them with Himself,
So their lives will know His best.

Blessed are the merciful.
God will be merciful to them.
Blessed are the pure in heart.
His Presence He will send.

Blessed are those who work for peace,
God will say, "You are My sons."
Blessed are those suffering persecution.
Who have to face man's guns.

Blessed are those who are insulted,
Are accused of being wrong.
They can rejoice, be glad in God,
For their reward will be an everlasting song.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems
2002 used with permission


He Knows The Dust

The Master Artist takes a brush
And dips it in the finest paint,
Then, with a flourish of His Hand,
Begins with color very faint.

He has a picture in His mind,
Exactly how He wants it done.
What layers to create the depth,
He chooses one by one.

No wash of His is done without,
Each variation a necessary hue.
His creation is unfolding
With a chosen value.

A touch of luster, a daub of shadow,
To make the highlights glow ~
Some wisps for sparkling movement,
From a gentle heart doth flow.

Deep within there's hidden secrets
That no-one ever knew.
Other's only see the diamonds.
He knows the dust from which it grew.

Who can tell from whence it came
Or to where of such should go?
God ushers forth, just as He pleases.
This, we surely know.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems
2002 used with permission

Heavenly Garden

Do not weep for me.
For, I just slipped into a lovely garden room.
I live on, as you do.
We didn't part. I just went ahead,
For you to join me very soon.

Talk of me as if I'm there,
Because I have not gone far away.
I am more alive than you can dream,
Where we can know eternal day.

With all my being made more glorious,
Shining brighter in another place,
Speak of me with the same familiar voice.
But, don't recall the lines upon my face.

For I have been renewed.
So, wear no heavy robe of sorrow.
Keep laughing about all that is true,
As you'll see me on the morrow.

Everything of value still remains the same,
Preserved in a continual measure.
Lift your steps still high to find
Living joy your heart can treasure.

For, I am not floating in some gloomy shadows,
But living in such perfect love.
Thank you for giving such delight to me.
Your sacrifice prepared my heart to rise above.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission


The Hope of Life

Hope rests quiet. Its sweetest tune
Plays on, down in my soul, fluttering.
Waiting to take wing, a window opens;
A shaft of light, hope, and life is whole.

A blast of wind, the window broken;
Light flickers, sighs so quickly die.
The song is gone. Time goes cold.
Hope is stolen. All is lost. Why live on?

Motionless, I move, watching life without
Play loud it's endless croon.
Hope betrayed, laughing a mocking tune of hate,
There is no form. Life consists of hurt and pain.

But then, somewhere out there,
I hear a whisper, calling, soft, my name,.
Open arms reach out. I see a loving face
Calling, entreating gently from another place.

I feel a stirring deep within.
Can it be? Could love begin?
The light of life, a miracle,
Eternal love unfolding; heal my heart.

God's gentle love becomes the wing;
The tune, the hope of life to sing.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission

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