~~ Bridge By Night And Day ~~

Stretching from my heart to yours
Is the longest bridge to find,
For all our loving prayers
Travel there across the line.

It doesn't need great marble pillars
Or silver cord to hold in place,
For it is riding on the light of glory
Suspended there in space.

Nothing material ever journeys there
For it is not made of earthly time,
It transcends both day and night
With no confines of any kind.

It moves within and through
The precious heart of God above,
Connecting us as one in our Lord Jesus
The eternal bridge of love.

Because if we know He died for us
Then He sets us ever free,
He places us secure in heavenly places
For all eternity.

Oh what joy to be in mind and spirit
Flying in that golden bridge on high,
Though our bodies may be trapped below
Our hearts are united forever
Soaring in the sky.

  Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems ~ 2004

Used with permission

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