~~ Tsunami ~~

A single moment and darkness rolled in
Life paused, not for moments, but forever,
Still to stare into the unknown
For danger ravaged on our own.

Deep cries pierce the silent empty night
Where there is no light,
Only sad grief to roll on and on
Where there is nothing left to fight.

And yet, how shall we pray far away
When in our hearts the words just die,
We but gaze at the desolate sorrow
Gentle tears are all we cry.

We want to ease the suffering and grief.
Helpless, we pray it be so,
Lord Jesus, send Your angels as You will
You alone know where to go.

Touch each grieving soul with Your light
Fill that empty loss within,
With no-where else to turn
You alone, know the miracles to bring.

To every heartbroken mother, every father
The lost, the wounded, little ones alone,
Thankyou for every tiny precious angel
You carried safely to Your home.

Impart to all those working day and night
Wisdom, protection, and the strength to give,
Pour loving relief in everywhere
To all those crying out to live.

Dear Father turn the waters back at Your command
Shine Your warmth down from above,
Cleanse the pain and wash away the fear
Fill inconsolable hearts with Your eternal love.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems

Used with permission

Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
poetry without first seeking permission from the author.


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Please keep all those affected by the devastating Tsunami
that struck throughout Asia on 26th December 2004,
in your thoughts and prayers.

Words really do fail me, there is so much I would like
to say and do to help rebuild the lives and countries
devastated by the recent  Tsunami - on my own
it would not make the slightest difference,
but a world united  we can do so much.

Please donate to reputable organizations so that
those who need urgent assistance and medical attention
will receive what they so very badly need.

Thank you .........Judy






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