Christmas Letters

A is for angels, who proclaimed glory that night
When the Savior came down, to bring us His light.

B is for bells, that ring loud and clear
Telling out to the world that Christmas is here.

C is for Christ child we come to adore,
Who brings us His joy when we open the door.

D is for dear, for that's what you are,
In my heart and my home, you're my special star.

E is for evergreen, as that's what we'll be
As we celebrate in heaven for eternity.

F is for family we love them so much,
To have close at Christmas and hug a whole bunch.

G is for glory and all goes to God,
For the suffering He bore, the life that He trod.

H is for hope the truth that we hold,
By loving each other this hope will be told.

I is for Immanuel, our Savior is come
The night He arrived, new life was begun.

J is for Jesus, He died for mankind,
Our very best friend, to be yours and mine.

K is for King as He rules in our heart,
We lovingly worship while walking His path.

L is for love the message we bring,
The beat of our dance, the carol we sing.

M is for manger, a cold lonely place,
Where Jesus lay sleeping, a smile on His face.

N is for New year, we celebrate with prayer,
As we give thanks to God for the blessings we share.

O is for offering, small as I am,
I'll give Him my heart to be His loved lamb.

P is for present that I want to give,
To all that are caring for how I will live.

Q is for quiet, for I want to choose
A tranquil calm spirit before panic ensues.

R is for rejoice, O Lord help me see
With Your eyes, beyond, for what is to be.

S is for surprises, that always will come,
To make of our Christmas so much more fun.

T is for thankful, then all will be well,
If I praise for my blessings, His goodness to tell.

U is for ultimate, the pinnacle of time,
When Jesus exchanged His life, for yours and for mine.

V is for victory the peace that He won,
When Christ died on the cross, all we needed was done.

W is for wonder, Oh my how we gaze,
At such wondrous beauty for all of our days.

X is for Xmas where they took Christ away,
To make Christmas empty with nothing to say.

Y is for yuletide this festive season
As we joyfully proclaim Jesus the reason.

Z is for Zion the future ahead,
Where all will be Christmas and our hearts are led.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission



The Christmas tree branches were full
With wonders of forever,
Ice to sparkle, Snowflakes soft
To bring us all together.

Eternal joys, lasting peace
Were placed so carefully there,
Tied so firm in the perfect place
With the strongest ties of prayer.

Friends were tucked within each bough
Laden down with love,
The candles burning at each tip
Twinkling beauty from above.

Hidden under were the gifts
All wrapped up so tight
These were the secret treasures
To help us make it through the night.

And, then on Christmas day
We collected such of ours to see
To open up each one
For inside the heart of me.

They all portrayed so much
Each filling up our world,
To make this year so blessed
A burst of love unfurled.

For you knew what to say
And you knew what to do,
You knew to send your love
To make each day like Christmas
For the year that's new.

Now the tree is empty once more
And now the tree is bare
For all the love stored up for our tomorrows
Is for us to share.

May the memories received
Carry us over time,
May God's love hold us all in wonder
So more treasures we will find
Of the lasting kind.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission



The Little Christmas Angels Quest

There's a lovely Christmas angel
Flying down from up above,
Searching for the secret,
The secret gift of love.

Peering in the windows,
At the Mummies baking pies,
The Daddies wrapping presents,
That money always buys.

Is it found under the Christmas trees,
Standing in the hall?
Or tucked within the presents
Neatly wrapped for one and all?

What of here a child crying,
For a dear one who's gone away,
If some gifts were left for him
Would such love forever stay.

Stockings hung above the mantle,
Will they fill with love so sweet?
When they bulge with little treasures,
What heart cry to meet.

The lights that sparkle in the streets,
Draw such gasps of pleasure,
Is love glowing from their worth
Is this the way to measure?

What about those pretty folk,
Dressed up fine to ring the bells?
But, one look at all the faces,
Had a tale to tell.

Surely happy smiles on the snowmen,
Told fun had been in town.
The little angel kept looking in so many places,
Where love could be found.

Then prayed, God, where are You here,
Please show me, so I know,
How You put Your love in man
Your people down below.

Then He whispered soft and low
True love is a secret miracle to know.

Jesus gave away..but see
A glowing candle, can show you all
It unselfishly gives itself away
While unknowingly it grows small.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission


Tinsel Hair The Christmas Bear

Have you ever gone a trudging
Wearily in soft snow drifts on Christmas eve,
Deep into the woods where the owls hoot
And the moon sparkles in the trees.

Well, if you tip-toe very very quietly
And if you hold quite still in the dark
If you are very hushed to hear,
You will be one to know the hidden secret there,
For there dancing in the moonlight
Is Tinsel Hair, The Christmas Bear....

He only comes out of hiding to be seen
When the holly trees are red
And mistletoe is everywhere,
For everyone who is searching for him will find
The Christmas cuddly bear with tinsel hair.

Now, if you hear his special song
In your heart you'll see him, do not fear,
He may even sing under your Christmas tree
"Smile it's Jesus birthday, give away hugs to one and all
And leave gifts for all to see".

But, look out when Christmas night descends
And you are very tired
He may just as quickly, up and disappear,
But don't let him run away..hey
Hold onto Tinsel Hair the loving bear,
Keep him close, and he will whisper
"Let's give away huggles every day of the year".

Soft Whispers for all Tinsel Bears from
Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission


Kitty's Christmas In The City

Just before Christmas
We'll give our Kitty such a special treat,
No, not a furry pussy
But our new Granny down the street.

Kitty grew up on a wheat and sheep farm
And raised four strapping sons,
She laboured hard from dawn 'til disk
There was no time for fun.

Our sprightly Kitty has turned eighty
We met her walking puppies in the park,
Oh we love her, she is so sweet
And deserves a wondrous treat.

She'll climb up into the front seat of our van
And we'll show her all the pretty sights,
Her very first Christmas in the city
To see the fairy lights.

Picture the glow within her sparkly eyes
Her giggle, as she'll cry,
Oh look, Oh how beautiful, Oh my,
Just imagine the smiles later,
As she lays upon her pillow
Letting out a perfect sigh.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission

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