Jesus Is The Reason

Why is Christmas time so special
Why do we love this time of year,
For we can become quite flustered
With so much to be done
As the special date draws near.
But, when we come to ponder it
So much is happening in our heart,
Something comes to make us different
To walk a newer path.

We picture the sweet innocence
Of the baby Jesus face,
And of how He gave His life
When He poured on us His grace.
So our hearts overflow with gratitude
And we feel a softness deep within,
Then fear for tomorrow lessens
Because of the love that He will bring.

For His love brings us all closer
And we want to be together,
Just as the birds sing the brighter
Regardless of the weather.
We play our Christmas carols
And their beauty soothes our soul,
So we become more grateful
For blessings to be told.

Which brings us to see more loveliness
In all people everywhere,
And we begin to smile more
By showing that we care.
We spontaneously do some helpful deed
Which makes us feel good today,
Then when we lay upon our bed
All cares just fly away.

Then as another new day begins
We forget to judge or criticize,
So all the empty bitterness
That traps inside, just dies.
Before we know it every moment
Has become the gladdest thing
Oh, Jesus keep our eyes on You
So like at Christmas time
We can always sing.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission

Rejoice It's Christmas Time

In the stillness of the starlit night
I flew within my dream,
Searching far and wide,
To find a gift, to give my heart away
For a sweeter love to fly.

I heard a voice, a whisper low
Yet, clear for me to know,
This is the place for you to grasp
A boundless love to show.

You will return, to be restored
Out of the darkness of this dream,
When you are carried in eternal light
My radiance can be forever seen.

That light has shone since I was born
And from within you I will shine,
In this, your time in history
I chose you to be Mine.

Now My life beams from your heart
For My beauty you have seen,
You will be My bell tower keeper
To ring out loud and clear
The love I give tolls Christmas is forever
It is not a dream.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission

Pure White Christmas

Christmas time was coming
And my Mummy dressed me, oh so warm,
So I wandered into the frosty garden
To see the early dawn.

I shared my toast with a little robin
And chatted about the falling snow,
Then I peeked under my fir tree
And Oh! What would you know...

There, sleeping in my hiding place
Was the sweetest little deer,
So, soft to him, I whispered
I am your friend, please don't fear.

It's special Christmas time
and there's lots and lots of love
I will tell you so much of it
All about our best friend up above.

See this tree that's staying green
That tells us we'll live for always
And its needles go up like hands
Cause that's how my family prays.

There's a star atop our inside tree
Just like the bright one long ago,
It points everyone to Jesus
The Savior that we've got to know.

On each branch we have a candle
Showing us Jesus is the light,
He came down to take away the dark
So we are safe from night.

Hanging on our door is the wreath
That's Jesus hugs all around,
His love goes on forever
And inside His arms is where I'm found.

Do you know the prickly holly leaf?
Well that's the crown He wore,
They pushed it on until there was red
Like the berries that we saw.

So every Christmas, we have presents
To remember the greatest gift of all,
Our lovely Jesus, and Wisemen came
With gifts, at His feet to fall.

And oh, I love the peppermint candy cane too
It tells us of pure white, with more red and green
And it has a crook just like the sheperds
That hooks us back from where we've been.

Have you seen a pretty angel?
Well, they announced our Jesus' birth,
And said Glory in the highest
Good will and peace on earth.

You must have heard the bells
They ring real loud for all to hear,
To tell us all to come to Jesus
'Cause we forget that He is near.

And that's all I can remember
But, don't you go away,
For now I've told you, it's all so lovely
With us, you'll want to stay

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission



Happy Birthday Jesus

As I wake on Christmas morn
You will be on my mind,
For today it is Your birthday
Where Your love will shine.

But what presents will You receive
If You give them all to me,
While we are celebrating You
Why is it me You long to see.

Happy Birthday precious Jesus
Thank you for all You give,
In sacrificing everything
You give me all it is, to live.

Smile with us in our celebration
We're rejoicing in Your love,
You've made this such a special time
As You came to join us from above.

Sit with us at our table
Come right inside our heart,
That we may know true joy
We seek all of You, not just a part.

And what would You have us do Lord Jesus,
What would You ask of us to give away,
But to let You have our all
To overflow Yourself from our lives today.

Happy Birthday Jesus
we love You
for loving us always

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission


The Greatest Gift

God looked down to earth
Way across the years,
And saw a special task
Of calming this world's fears.

Hush, tiny baby, don't you cry
Momma's gonna sing your lullaby,
Everything is gonna be all right
God will answer His prayer tonight.

So He looked long for the ones
Who would bear His child,
For the preparation of the King
To keep him all the while.

Ah little boy, precious little man,
With such power resting in your hand,
Who will grow you big and strong
To someday stand against the wrong.

God has made His choice
To bless you with this soul,
Such is the blessed wonder
One day will be His mighty role.

Sleep little one, not yours to wonder why,
Momma's gonna pray you a lullaby
Everything's gonna soon be alright
God's gonna guide us by His light.

This precious son cradled in your arms
Will be the one nurtured by your love,
As you speak His truth and honor
God will pour untold blessing from above.

Hush little one, don't you cry
Momma's still here to sing the lullaby.
All your future days He will keep
So don't you fret,
Time now for you to rest in sleep.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission


I'll Be Home For Christmas

I feel the calling
Deep inside my heart
It's time to go back home,
Home for the holidays
Where true love is known.

Please keep the lights all burning brightly
And the door a little ajar,
So a sweet aroma of Christmas pudding
Will draw me from afar.

Turn down my quilt just like always
And re-fill the cookie tin,
Let Rusty off the chain
No matter where I've been-
I'll be running on home for Christmas
No matter what I've seen,
For that's where my heart belongs-
Oh, don't go looking for me elsewhere
Home is where I've gone.

I want to be with family now
To wander there, where all of me begun
And watch the happenings,
From all I've seen and done-
I'd like to get all sentimental,
And climb up my cubby tree
Just to see what I can see
Then I'll find the juicy berries
That were always there for me.

Then as I reminisce
And pause upon the stair
I'll hear the laughter-
All the singing we have done,
I want to turn back the clock now
To those days of simple fun-
Time has swept away those precious years
But, I will revel in my treasured dreams
And delight in fond memories-
At home for the holidays
So warm with you
Is where my heart will ever stay.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission


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