Snow Angel For Christmas

I'm just a little feared this Christmas
You may be feeling all alone,
With everyone rushing by so fast
Very busy with their own.

So if you need a little angel warmth
To hug close in the cold,
Then I pray my loving prayers
Bring heaven near enough to hold.

Take my soul inside with you to keep
For I too may bear a heavy load,
If we might share the more together
Then we both may feel at home.

No golden gift will lift on high
And Christmas bonbons cannot travel very far,
But, I can give all that Jesus gave to me
A forever lovin' heart.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission


The Gift

Here is a very special present
Yet, so precious, you can never see,
It is yours alone to treasure
A chosen gift for you from me.

All year long I have pondered so
Where I could find the perfect jewel,
To place inside this little box
With some tiny kisses too.

Then I found one that will keep forever
So receive now of the true,
Just reach out your gentle touch
And know I think of you.

You never need unwrap it
Just tuck it inside your heart, to be
A token of my love across the miles
Unfolded from the hand of me.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission


On A Christmas Day

I hear the special songs of Christmas
Caroling so beautifully,
As I prepare such loving gifts
Every treasured little one to please.

My heart-strings are pulled a myriad of ways
As I try to care for all I see,
While gathering all the sweetness needed
To stuff stockings on the mantelpiece.

I dream about the fun we'll have
Skating, sledding, creating angels in the snow,
Watching all the pretty lights..
Our hearts bursting with the night sky all aglow.

Then we'll be still to thank Jesus for His love
In giving of His life to make us new,
And make time to pray for those hurting
And trapped in places that seem so cruel...

I Know I am abundantly blessed, so loved
How can I express my gratitude,
Yet, there is a way to make this time more meaningful
To touch a heart, a love fulfill..

On this Christmas day
I will be thankful,
Oh yes I will.. be glad... for
The precious gift of you.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission


Dear Jesus, Help The Soldiers

Dear Jesus, this year we are feeling sad
With our soldiers struggling through,
We're wishing we could help them
And wonder what to do.

We know they are exhausted
And shivering in the long dark night,
They are missing their special loved ones
Lonely in the awful fight.

Lord Jesus in their hurt and pain
Lift weary eyes up to the sky,
Send a little light to touch their heart
So they shall wonder why.

Can we help by holding hands to pray
Someone, somewhere always on their knees,
Not just at bedtimes, but every day
To pray for all heart's to be free.

And then we will be one in the battle
For the war raging so near,
Dear Jesus help us to keep on praying
To lift above the fear.

Give them smiles in the sorrows
And each morning, a little good news,
Dear Jesus,
Please slip Your secret courage
Inside their big loving boots.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission


Mary did you know..

Mary what of God did you know
That He should come to you,
To bear the baby of His being
What is it that you knew.

Mary how did your soul hold the wonder
Of the secret within your soul,
As you gave up your life
To the blessing of the child you bore.

Mary, did you dream your tender one
Would grow to go alone,
To leave your loving nurture
And all that he had known.

Could you dream this precious son
Would trek far from your care,
That your heart would suffer
By the life that He must bear.

Mary, how did you let Him go
When your mother heart,
Wanted to hold Him close
To protect Him from that desired path.

Mary, had you dreamt this chosen one
Would walk upon the water,
Feed a multitude by prayer
And raise a rulers daughter.

Did you imagine your baby boy
A lonely way be trod,
All the misunderstanding to endure
As the perfect Son of God.

Mary, what pain did you grieve
As they mocked and jeered,
Did you understand the betrayal
While the crowds loudly cheered.

Mary did you comprehend the risk
How your heart would break,
That you would weep in agony
As He died for your sake.

How much did you know this beloved one
Was God's sacrificial lamb,
As you bowed to worship
Your Lord, as the Great I Am.

Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission

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