This is the day the doves returned,
The greatest day on earth,
The day the stone was overturned,
The sign of man's rebirth.

This is the day He left the tomb,
The day the the angels hailed,
This is the day the Lilies bloomed,
The day to lift the veil.

This is the day that Mary's tears,
Upon her cheek were dried,
The day the angels quelled her fears,
By singing He's alive!

This is the day that Christ was seen,
Walking on the road,
In the flesh - no, not a dream,
In a white and holy robe.

This is the day He spoke aloud,
Hear, see, touch - He's real,
The day He rose up in the clouds,
God's truth to man revealed.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis

Permission granted by Ginny Ellis to use
her poetry on this website.
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I dedicate this page to Rev. Jean Saunders.
Rev. Jean passed suddenly into the spirit world
after suffering a heart attack on,
Palm Sunday, 6 April 1985.
Rev. Jean was like a Mother to me,
a more caring and loving person
than any other I have known.
Thank you Rev. Jean for your love,
guidence and teachings.
Home in God's garden above.

Midi playing ~ 'In The Garden'
Especially for you Jean
God Bless

Artwork is used with written permission
from Danny Hahlbohm.
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