~ My Precious Nana ~
18th September 1902 - 10th July 2001

Oh, Nana, precious Nana,
Why did you have to go?
Selfishly, selfishly, Nana,
I will always miss you so.
This final big adventure,
Is your greatest, Nana dear,
And the place where you are going,
Is far better than what's here.
Pop's been waiting for you,
And he's waited for so long,
To have made him wait much longer,
Would surely have been wrong.
But, Nana, precious Nana,
I do love you so,
And though Pop's claim comes first,
It is hard to let you go.
My love for both of you is great,
I want the two of you together,
It makes me very happy now,
To know you'll be that way forever.

Written by Virginia Ellis July 2001

So long Nan, I thank God for the love and friendship
we shared for so long.
You are in heaven now Nan, where sunshine and smiles abound.
Your love and sweet memories will be with us always.
Til we meet again - My love always, Judy.

God bless you Ginny for writing these beautiful
words in memory of my precious Nana,
who passed away 10th July 2001