This is the day He suffered
This is the day He died
The day that He was martyred
The day the angels cried.

This is the day the soldiers jeered
When they nailed him to the cross
The day that foolish people cheered
Not aware of their great loss.

This is the day the doves flew away
The day that His blood ran free
This is the day mankind was saved
This day at Calvary.

This is the day of heartache
The day of sacrifice
This is the day He led the way
Into Paradise.

This is the day we need to pray
We need to fall upon our knees
This is the day we need to say
Father, forgive us, please.

If there had been another way
Do you think He would have died?
No other man could take his place
Not even if one tried.

God did not ask for volunteers
But even if He had,
Would you have said, "Take me instead?"
Folks would have thought you mad.

None of us was good enough
To take His place upon that cross
None of us was rich enough
To have paid that high a cost.

It's hard to believe a loving God
Would sacrifice His Son
But, it had to be that way, you see
He was the only One.

He took our sin along with Him
As directed from above
None of us so generous
We would offer that much love.

He said He would leave the tomb
He would ascend to heaven
Three days later He was gone
Hallelujah! He Was Risen!

Brother, you could not substitute
You could not take His place
He took yours - the only way
God's most amazing grace.

This is the day the doves returned
The greatest day on earth
The day the stone was overturned
The sign of man's rebirth.

This is the day He left the tomb
The day the angels hailed
This is the day the lilies bloomed
The day to lift the veil.

This is the day that Mary's tears
Upon her cheek were dried
The day the angels quelled her fears
By singing He's alive!

This is the day that Christ was seen
Walking on the road
In the flesh - no, not a dream
In a white and holy robe.

This is the day He spoke aloud
Hear, see, touch - He's real
The day He rose up in the clouds
God's truths for man revealed.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis ~ 2001

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