Vi and Val were Valentines ~ Virginia (Ginny) Ellis

Vi and Val were Valentines ~ Virginia (Ginny) Ellis

Val and Vi were Valentines,
They sat side by side on a rack,
Just simple, little red hearts,
That didn't stand out from the pack.

They were dusted off each morning,
When the storekeeper opened the store
Then, clean and bright and beaming,
They kept watch on the store's front door.

Who might come through that entry way,
And buy these Valentines?
They felt with great expectancy,
Their turn would come in time.

Now, Val and Vi were pretty plain,
Not gussied up - no lace,
They probably cost less money, too,
Than the others in the place.

Val looked nice, and Vi was sweet,
And a proper verse each bore,
Yet, day by day they sadly watched,
As other cards left the store.

"Pick us!" Val got aggressive,
When potential buyers came,
Fingers touched and brushed them,
But on the rack they still remained.

Time was growing shorter now,
Valentines Day, nearly here,
Val and Vi - askew and awry,
Sat back, in the rack, without cheer.

"What's wrong with us?" sweet Vi asked Val,
She truly was distraught,
"Our verses contain such loving words,
Why have we not been bought."

"I know what the problem is,"
Val gravely replied to Vi,
"Our worth is in our verse,
And it is tucked inside."

"Too many folks just go by looks,
They see the outer frou frou,
They don't take time to look inside,
To see just who is who."

"Of course, that is their loss, sweet Vi,
We know what is real,
Now, please see inside of me,
So you'll know how I feel."



Virginia (Ginny) Ellis ~ 2002

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For me, there is so much more of a meaning in this poem,
that goes a lot deeper than just a Valentines day greeting.

We need to see the person, the situation, the experience,
beneath the outer appearance, look what is within to see
the real worth of a person or any situation in life.

To some this is so hard to do, especially when we
are facing the tough times in life.

Pray to the Lord to guide your uncertainties,
to heal your heavy heart, to give you eyes
to really see the worth of all things

Just remember, you are not alone and
God does love YOU.
Let your heart be filled with hope, faith,
strength and happiness.
God sees and acknowledges the good in us,
let us have enough faith that we will see
the good in all things that come our way in life.

Poetry used with kind permission of Virginia Ellis.
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