Christmas is a lot of things.
To many different folks,
Yet to most it means the same,
The renewal of men's hopes.

It is the celebration,
Of the Baby Jesus' birth,
When men sing of His creation,
And pray for Peace on Earth.

It's when people kneel in gratitude,
To the good Lord up above,
When they declare to Him in prayer,
Their dedication and their love.

It's when folks forgive their fellowmen
For the wrongs they have perceived,
And when men also seek forgiveness
For their errors and misdeeds.

Christmas is a time of magic,
For one's close friends and family,
A time of warm togetherness.
Of reality and fantasy.

Christmas is the tree we see,
With its packages below,
It's the smiling angel at its top,
And the sparkling lights that glow.

It's the wreath that hangs upon the door,
It's the caroling we hear.
It's the fun-filled thoughts of Santa Claus,
And the visions of his deer.

It's the cold night air of Christmas Eve,
It's the promised Christmas snow,
It's the grin upon a snowman's face,
And his funny carrot nose.

Christmas is when people laugh,
It is also when they cry,
And so fine the line that's in between ,
It can't be seen by the human eye.

Christmas is the past and present,
Brought together for awhile,
Something old and something new,
A mix of tears and smiles.

Ginny (Virginia) Ellis ~ December 2004

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