One Christmas Eve some time ago,
God looked down on me,
He shook His head,
And then He said,
"What sadness do I see?"

"This day was made to celebrate,
The Christ Lord Jesus' birth.
Such grief you show,
Oh, don't you know.
This was the greatest day on earth!"

Oh, Father God, I answered back,
Amidst my falling tears.
Within my home,
I'm so alone.
Not another person here.

So many have gone home to You,
Family, friends, and all.
Each one is gone,
They've all moved on.
They left at your beck and call.

You took them, Father, back with You,
But I don't understand,
Why leave me here,
With no one near.
When I. too, reached for Your hand.

Why won't you take me like the rest?
I'm old and tired, too.
I can not guess,
What could be left.
I've nothing more to do.

The smile God had upon His face,
I think then disappeared.
Upon His brow,
Some sorrow now.
He said, "Dear child, listen here."

"It's time you took your mind off self,
And thought of other souls.
Your job's not done,
You may not come.
'Til you've met other goals."

"If your body's weak and frail,
And age renders you immobile.
You still can pray,
Each night and day.
And still can hold your Bible."

"More words are needed yet to tell,
The story of My Son.
Help spread that Word,
Just as you heard.
Speak out; tell everyone."

"Keep kindness in your heart and soul,"
He added, then, and smiled.
"It's Christmas Day!
Christ's Holiday!
Merry Christmas, precious child."

Ginny (Virginia) Ellis ~ December 2001

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