The First Gift of Christmas

Christmas presents on the floor,
Laying 'neath the Christmas tree.
Tied with colored, silken ribbons,
And wrapped so prettily.

Each day before the holiday,
More gifts scattered 'round.
Christmas Eve, more gifts again
As Santa's sleigh flies through the town.

Excitement rampant in the house,
Secrets whispered and untold.
Gifts of many shapes and sizes,
Wrapped in silver, wrapped in gold.

Christmas morning very special,
Presentation of the gifts.
Squeals of joy, peals of laughter,
Brand new clothing; does it fit?

Toy cars and trucks and wagons,
Toy airplanes that will fly.
Coloring books and many crayons,
Painted dolls that sing and cry.

When this wondrous day is done,
And the kids tucked in that night.
A sleepy little voice may say.
"Mom, this was the best day of my life."

And, as that child settles in,
To receive his needed rest.
I wonder if he understands,
He is a child truly blest.

Do you suppose he really knows,
That the best Christmas gift of all.
Was the very first gift of Christmas,
A baby in a hay-filled stall?

No fancy wrappings on that gift,
No gay ribbons tied in bows.
Just two tiny, precious arms,
Reaching out from swaddling clothes.

An infant with a tiny backbone,
That some day would bear the weight.
Of all mankind's transgressions,
And mankind's impending fate.

The value of of a gift like that,
Far beyond men's comprehension.
The finest gift God had to give,
For man's salvation and redemption.

His tiny Son - this baby,
God's most perfect gift to man.
Through whose death and resurrection,
Man could fulfill the Father's plan.

There'd be no Christmas celebration,
If Christ had not come our way.
So, Happy Birthday - Thank you, Jesus,
For this Blessed Christmas Day!

Ginny (Virginia) Ellis ~ 2000

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