I was unwanted at Christmas,
Nobody played with me,
Though I was there with other gifts,
Beneath the Christmas tree.

I was wrapped in gay paper,
And I sported a bell and a bow,
But there were so many presents,
I got lost in the shuffle below.

I felt abandoned and lonely,
And when they cleaned up the house,
They mixed me in with the trash,
And I became totally lost.

They put me outside in the trash bin,
It was cold and it snowed Christmas night,
The snowfall was terribly heavy,
And I soon disappeared from sight.

But later that Christmas evening,
Hidden from view by the snow,
A young man in a thin, shabby coat,
Sorted through the trash in the cold.

He found me covered with ice and snow,
But he picked me up with a smile,
And tucked me away in his pocket,
To take home to his own little child.

No Christmas tree in his household,
Nor any brightly wrapped gifts,
Just a candle lit in the window,
That shone out on the white, snowy drifts.

His wife greeted him warmly with hugs,
A meager dinner cooked on the stove,
His young daughter met him with kisses,
And he was welcomed in from the snow.

Reaching down deep in his pocket,
He pulled me out in plain view,
"Here, sweetheart," he said to his daughter,
"See what daddy's brought home for you."

No longer missed and unwanted,
I was placed into eager, small hands,
With care, she slowly unwrapped me,
As if this whole thing had been planned.

I rang the bell on my ribbon,
The child squealed with delight,
"Look Daddy! Look Mommy! What's in here!"
And I was transformed on this night.

I started out as a plain, plastic doll,
Among hundreds on a shelf, in a store,
I was neither outstanding nor special,
A poor, painted doll - nothing more.

But this Christmas night, I had wings of lace,
And a halo of gold 'round my hair,
And, instead of my drab, cotton dress,
A gold satin gown, I did wear.

"Oh, honey, a real, Christmas Angel!"
I heard her mother exclaim,
I was even astounded myself,
As I looked down at my gown once again.

The halo, the wings, and the lovely gown,
Were items of lace and of gold,
But it was the love extended to me,
That made me feel wanted and whole.

Magic, I think, took place that night,
Each person therein was affected,
Such Christmas joy, inspired by a toy,
That was almost lost and neglected.

Ginny (Virginia) Ellis ~ 2001

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