I have it on good authority,
About Christmas time each year,
Large quantities of angels,
Very often do appear.

Their availability increases,
And their variety does, too,
Different sizes, different shapes,
Different wingspans, different hues.

This is the only time I know,
Man can make a choice,
Does he want a silent angel,
Or an angel with a voice?

Some angels come with tiny bells,
That jingle when they're poked,
Some sing little angel songs,
Composed of pretty notes.

The price of angels varies, too,
Quite often they are free,
But that's the kind that lives inside,
Not the kind that hangs on trees.

The ones "for show" that aren't "for blow,"
Can cost a pretty penny,
The market has been glutted now,
And there are so very many.

The financial gain this time of year,
Produced by angel sales,
Has grown so much it shakes one up,
And makes good Christians pale.

I've seen angels made of priceless gems,
With silver gowns - or gold.
I've seen angels under lock and key,
Brand new or antique old.

But I've also seen them made by hand,
With colored string and cotton balls,
And exclusively designed,
By kids with crayon scrawls.

But, an angel on a Christmas tree,
Regardless of its source,
Is an affirmation of God's love,
Which is His gift, of course.

And with that confirmation,
Which comes this time of year,
Is the knowledge and assurance,
That God is truly here.

So, whether angels carry price tags,
Or are made creatively,
It doesn't really matter,
God's blessing is the key.

Ginny (Virginia) Ellis ~ 2002

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