I've reached the point in life,
I spend time looking back,
Recalling the things I've done,
and seeing what I still lack.

There's more time behind me,
than what might lie ahead.
The past I recall fondly,
the future, somehow, I dread.

Not that I am worried,
for I know where I am bound,
but, still there is some fear.
The thought is so profound.

Though my friends be many,
and their love, I have known,
their presence can't abide.
I must face that day alone.

This cloak of mortal flesh,
with its trials, grief, and pain,
will release my soul at last,
and return to dust again.

Then there shall appear,
a bridge to a distant shore.
Then I shall cross over,
there to live forevermore.

Memories of the past,
though fondly, I may recall,
are swallowed up in victory,
when I hear the Masters call.

In life I see His footprints.
They alone, shall be my guide.
I know He's waiting for me,
just on the other side.

Grady L. Duncan ~ 7th January 2003

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