Things are always changing.
Few things remain the same.
Age is the contributing source.
Time is the factor to blame.

Tomorrow is in question.
Yesterday was not like today.
Each day will be different,
until all time passes away.

A strangers face, today,
may once, have been a friend,
but time has had its way,
never being the same again.

Go to the Grand Canyon.
Take a real good look.
That wide craggy gorge,
was once a babbling brook.

A huge floating Iceberg,
once was fresh fallen snow,
that fell upon some mountain,
oh, so many years ago.

Things you love today,
you may hate tomorrow.
Today may bring you joy.
Tomorrow may bring you sorrow.

I wish you much laughter,
and joy throughout the years.
May you never experience the sadness,
that brings those bitter tears.

Your life can be more stable,
with no concern for the clock,
if you'll just take hold,
of that Eternal Rock.

The Truth of God, through Jesus,
and their Love will remain.
Throughout the endless ages,
They'll always be the same.

Let His hands enfold you.
Trust each and every Word.
Let him be your Savior,
for He is Lord of Lords.

Grady L. Duncan ~ 31 July 2001

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