Over and over, I've replayed life's scenes,
Reviewing each event and its effect to glean.
People, and places, and happenings had their effect.
I had many choices from which to select.

There were hours of grief and moments of pain,
That, not for love, would've driven me insane.
The love of a dear wife and numerous friends,
Poured forth from hearts that flow without end.

Looking back o'er life's path, many footprints I see,
Of friends and loved ones who walked along with me.
The prints in the sand, to me has shown,
Throughout my life, I was never alone.

As I turn and look ahead, on the path, I see,
One set of footprints still beckoning me.
They've been my guide and my goal.
Jesus has led me, by his love for my soul.

With friends by my side and Him up ahead,
I know, in my heart, I've nothing to dread,
So, I move onward until the end.
Unwavering, I'll follow my savior and friend.

  Grady L. Duncan ~ 21 March 2001

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