Who among us never worries,
nor shows any concern?
Well I want to tell you something,
it took me years to learn.

We fret over the past,
regretting all of our mistakes,
but no matter what we do,
no difference does it make.

The past is gone forever,
you can't live it over again.
Just repair all of the damage,
and hurt you caused back then.

And all of those good times,
you'll live over in your mind,
will never come again,
but will fade away in time.

Who knows about tomorrow?
Not me nor you, I'd bet.
The reason we don't know is,
It hasn't happened yet.

We have our plans and dreams,
of what we want it to be,
but no matter how anxious,
we'll have to wait and see.

Though we don't know the future,
we need to set some goals.
While doing all that planning,
don't forget your soul.

Wisely choose your friends,
You'll need them when your older.
When you face despair,
they're there to lend a shoulder.

Then as days come and go,
live each moment at your best.
Then trust your friends and God,
they'll help you through the rest.

God gives us all our days,
and causes the sun to shine,
But He allots them to us,
only one moment at a time.

Grady L. Duncan ~ 16 November 2002

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