I wish I could really fly,
like I've done in so many dreams;
soaring o'er snow capped mountains;
swooping down o'er raging streams.

I'd fly with the mighty eagles,
and view the worlds below.
There would be no limits,
to the places I could go.

I would cross the oceans wide,
Bask on the beaches of Waikiki;
see the pyramids in Egypt,
then off to the Alps to ski.

I would dine on the Riviera,
while the native fiddlers play,
and climb the Eiffel Tower,
all in the very same day.

I would visit the Taj Mahal,
with its still reflective pool,
then visit the Holy City,
that I read of in Bible School.

I could see the walls of China;
visit the markets of old Hong Kong;
explore the Arabian desert,
but I wouldn't stay very long.

I could make the sun stand still,
by always moving west,
only stopping when I got tired,
and needed a good night's rest.

You may say, "Impossible!",
But it wasn't as hard as it seems,
when childhood nights were spent,
on the gossamer wings of dreams.

Grady L. Duncan ~ 28 January 2004

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