Stories Of Jesus

Oh tell me the stories of Jesus
How He walked on the sea
I want to hear all about Him
Please tell them all again to me.

Tell me again how the little children
Loved to gather at His knee
Listening to His words of wisdom
So happy and so free.

Tell me again how in the garden
He prayed with distress and pain
I want to hear about the cross
Where Jesus Christ was slain.

I want to hear about Jesus, and His love
Tell me how He taught us to kneel and pray
Tell me over again that He lives today
With God, His Father, up above.

Now I know the wonderful story of Jesus
How He gave His life freely for me
I want to give praise to Him as I sing
And pray the bells of heaven for me will ring

I know now Jesus, how you forgave my sins
That day on the rugged cross you set me free
I have taken you as my Lord and Savior
That I may live forever with Thee.

Glenna M. Baugh ~ 24 February 2005

Living by Faith


She did not ask that we repay
For all the long hours and pain.
The sacrifice of youth she gave
Was not given in vain.

She never asked for gratitude,
Mother never wanted pay,
All she wanted us to do
Was be kind to others each day.

Mother taught us about Jesus,
To love God's holy word
By reading the bible every day
And never forgetting to pray.

Mother prayed the sweetest prayers,
Her lovely voice was clear as a bell.
My mother is gone from this earth
And in heaven she now dwells.

Glenna M. Baugh ~ April 2005

Living by Faith

This poem is in memory of my beautiful mother,
Mary A. Taylor



Winter is leaving and spring is moving in
Everything is new and fresh once again
Beautiful bluebonnets swaying gently in the breeze
Our Master created new beauty for us to see.

Spring brings bluebonnets on the hillside
Growing beautiful so free and so wild
Indian paint brushes red, bluebonnets so blue
The Master created all this for me and you.

The Master sends the bluebonnets every spring
Our Master knows the enjoyment they bring
How can anyone not believe our Master lives
All the things we see, He gave and still gives.

Give thanks to the Master when you kneel to pray
For all the happiness He gives us each day
The season of spring shows our Master alive and well
Accept Him as Savior and in heaven you will dwell.

Glenna M. Baugh ~ 13 March 2005

Living by Faith

Psalm 23:6
Surely goodness and mercy shall
follow me all the days of my life:
and I will dwell in the house
of the Lord for ever.

He Heard My Prayer

There is a place by the river
Where I would go each day
To sit and watch the water
As it raced along the way.

I love this beautiful river.
One day I began to Pray
Asking the Lord Jesus
To wash my sins away.

I know he heard my prayers
Because He whispered to me
I have your sins, now you are free
By His grace He saved me.

I have no fear as I go my way
Giving thanks to God every day
For the gift of Jesus and His love
Sent down to me from Heaven above.

2005 Glenna M. Baugh

Living by Faith



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