The tears were rolling down her cheeks as she stood there alone,
As she read "a beloved Mother" etched across the stone.
Ten months had passed since it was placed upon this piece of sod,
And also words etched on the stone said "she is now with God."

This Mother's Day will come and go and she won't celebrate,
So many things she would have said but now it is too late.
She should have told her Mother many things before she died,
But she had been too busy and she had not even tried.

She should have told her Mother when she thinks back through the years,
How she loved her childhood and how Mom dispelled the fears,
Of the childhood demons that when growing up appear
How Mom was always there for her with every passing year.

She should have told her Mother she knew that she wasn't mean,
When that one time she had rebelled when she was just a teen.
She made it through her teenage years as children always do,
And now she knows and whisper's softly "Mom because of you."

As a young adult her Mother helped her find her way,
Encouragement and guidance with the words that she would say.
Never did she fault her when mistakes would come along,
She always said "just learn from them and see that they were wrong."

Another tear rolls down her cheek and drips without a choice,
If only she had one more chance to hear her Mother's voice.
To tell her that she loved her and the things she didn't say,
She should have said so many things before she went away.

She thinks about the Mother's Days gone by with just a token,
Token gifts were not enough now that her heart is broken.
She should have spent the entire day devoted to her Mother,
And laughed and reminisced the past and shared with one another.

But she had done her duty as so many others do,
Stopped to give a token gift before the day was through.
Rushing through her busy day and running out of hours,
Never taking time as said "to stop and smell the flowers."

Now she smells the flowers that she placed upon the ground,
But now she smells them all alone and does not hear a sound.
She whispers softly to her Mother hoping that she hears,
And says I love you mommy as she wipes away more tears.

I love you for the years you gave to love and nurture me,
I love you for the sacrifice you gave unselfishly.
I love you and I realize how much you loved me too,
I only wish this Mother's Day I could have spent with you.

If only I had one more chance but now it is too late,
On every Mother's Day I know I wouldn't hesitate,
To show you if for just one day a love that is sincere,
And also reinforce that love on each day of the year.

I know that many others race through life as I have done,
And never take the time to stop and thank that special one.
My only prayer today for those with mothers in their prime,
On this Mother's Day please let her know while there's still time.

A day will come when you will wish you had just one more day,
To tell her things you wanted too but never got to say.
So as for token gifts and such that you may get for her,
I know a hug and "I love you" is what she would prefer.

Don't let this life go racing by, and slow down if you must,
Worldly things don't mean a thing they only rot and rust.
Stop and smell the flowers and forget all of the strife,
And hug and tell that special woman "Thank you Mom for life."

James A. Kisner ~ aka Poppy's Poetry

Used with permission

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