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~~ Beyond The Gate ~~

On earth, we do not understand,
Why babies have to die.
Their little lives are taken,
And our painful cry is, "Why?"

As we endure the pains of life,
No other pain compares.
A parent weeping for a child,
Just briefly, it was theirs.

For reasons we don't understand,
The little lives are taken.
And we cry out to God above,
"Why must I be forsaken?"

This little one did nothing wrong,
It's life had just begun.
How could the Lord allow this thing,
If He's the Holy One?

I held the stillborn in my arms,
Tears running down my face.
My baby never had a chance,
Her life was just a trace.

I got to hold her briefly,
And my heart was breaking so,
This little girl, I held so tight,
I'd never get to know.

As I held my little girl,
With pain I could not bare,
I felt a presence in the room,
I knew someone was there.

With earthly eyes, I tried to see,
Through pain and bitterness,
And wanted so to scream at God,
For cheating me like this.

Then, I felt a warming glow,
As it surrounded me,
And then, I heard an Angel whisper,
"What must be, will be."

"God knows your suffering and your pain,
But, you must understand,
Everything that God allows,
Is for His final plan."

"You only see the earthly things,
And some will cause you pain."
"But, be assured, your daughter's safe,
And you'll see her again."

"This life is temporary,
Everybody's going to die."
"I know that you can't understand,
And want to question, 'Why?'"

"God has sent his Angels,
And we came to comfort you."
"We ask you share this message,
With the other Mothers too."

"Many Mothers lose their children,
Soon after they're born."
"The Angels know their pain and grief,
And feel it when they mourn."

"But, one thing Angels know,
That Mothers do not understand,
One day the Mothers once again,
Will hold their children's hand."

"They'll hold them in their arms,
And they will say their precious name,
And on that day they'll understand,
Why they went through the pain."

"There is a plan in Heaven,
And one day you'll celebrate,
Because your little one is waiting,
Just beyond the gate."

Written by James A. Kisner



Disclaimer:James A. Kisner's poems are copyrighted
by Fleeting Moments Publishing
and may not be reproduced without permission.
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Midi playing - Brahm's Lullaby - by Voyetra 1992

Open Gate painting by John Marshall