A heartshaped box of candy in the closet way in back,
Placed there just a few days before he had his attack.
He had handed her the candy as he came inside,
A week before the holiday: Two days before he died.

She had placed it in the closet there upon the shelf,
He had said on Valentine's, "You open this yourself."
Two days later in the evening while they both were there.
She remembers how he just slumped over in his chair.

In a moment he was gone and life came crashing down,
He just had a heart attack and never made a sound.
When the medics did arrive they could not bring him back,
He had left this world due to a fatal heart attack.

In an instant he was gone and was no longer there,
"Why, oh why" she cried did we not take time to prepare?
Why did we not talk more often and why did we wait?
So many things I want to tell him but it is too late,

Why did we think there would be time to say
our last good-byes,
Why do we never think of this in life till someone dies?
Why did we not end everyday to have a brand new start,
By saying to each other all the things laid on our heart?

When someone comes to visit and then they depart for home,
We clear our minds of all the words that are for them alone.
We never miss a single thought as they go on their way,
We never leave a stone unturned in all we have to say.

But those that we see everyday we never think of sorrow,
Our hearts and minds can't comprehend
there may not be tomorrow.
Until a time when it may happen then we finally see,
Words unspoken to a loved one is reality.

How many times have people said "I would give all I own"
Just to have another chance to be with them alone.
If only for five minutes just to say a last good-bye,
If only we had warning signs before they had to die.

So now it has been two long years since she has seen his face,
And now she finds the box of candy sitting in this place.
She takes the box of candy and she sits it in her lap.
And sighs a little sound of grief as she starts to unwrap.

She opened up the heart-shaped box but much to her surprise,
Candy was not in the box; the box was a disguise.
Instead of chocolates in the box a card lay there instead,
And when she opened up the card this is what she read.

To my one and only love, I love you very much,
It seems along the way somewhere we lost that special touch.
At times it may appear that we do not communicate,
And we must now renew our love before it is too late.

I know you thought that this was candy as a token gift,
But I have something planned that will give us a needed lift.
I've planned a special weekend for us just to get away,
I want our love rekindled and I have so much to say.

So many things I want to tell you and just talk and share,
A time to renew all our love, that's why we're going there.
A special weekend getaway I've planned for you and me,
It's something that you always wanted just you wait and see.

I promise you when we return we both will be refreshed,
And you will see that from now on our life will be the best.
I know we hit a little slump and sometimes wonder how,
But I intend to fix that problem, we can do it now.

So now instead of eating candy bought from off the rack,
You can start to think about the things you need to pack.
This will be a special weekend and I promise you.
Romance will now return if it's the last thing that I do.

She wiped the tears upon her cheek and closed the little heart,
He had planned a weekend trip to give them a new start.
A lovely weekend getaway rekindling romance,
But time proved fatal once again; They never got the chance.

Tomorrow is not promised even if we've hoped and planned,
Today is even passing quicker than we understand.
Time will not be forced to yield no matter how we try,
Time will not turn back so you can say your last good-bye.

Never let a day go by with words that go unspoken,
Never keep them in your heart until your heart is broken.
Share your heart with loved ones and
keep nothing out of view,
And then these words can never haunt you,
"If I only knew"

If I Only Knew"
2002 James A. Kisner.

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'Nature's Embrace' used with permission from
Jim Warren

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