Today is very special for a mother and a bride,
And as we share this special day I'm so filled up with pride.
For years I watched you growing up and always on the go,
And as we share this special day there's something you should know.

You've always been a head strong child, determined and secure,
Your attitude about your life was always strong and sure.
You reached for life and wanted it to be all it could be,
And I just want to tell you what your life has meant to me.

A Mother's love is special and one day you'll understand,
When you have your children and you hold their little hand.
At first it may seem scary because you're responsible,
For a little life that you have brought into this world.

But as they share your life with you then slowly you will see,
And then you'll finally understand how much you mean to me.
Then when you are a mother and see through a mother's eyes,
Then you'll know the love I feel and then you'll realize.

How very much I've loved you since you came into this world,
When I first held you in my arms, my little baby girl.
I looked into your little face and felt a love so strong,
And one day you will finally see when children come along,

My little girl is grown up now and more determined still,
To grab all life will have for her but this is how I feel.
You'll always be my little girl, my precious shining star,
And I'm so very proud of you because of who you are.

So now you are a woman and as you start life anew,
Remember that the love I have will always be with you.
This is a new beginning and your future's in your clutch,
Just remember that your Mother loves you very much.

"Know This My Daughter" 1998 James A. Kisner.

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Painting "Through A Mothers' Eyes"
Used with the kind permission of
Paula Vaughan